Foster Mom: The Truth

By Lynda Hammett

The truth has to come out… My name is not Melanie Wilson.

When I decided to write these articles I was afraid. I was afraid who would find me online. I was afraid I would get unwanted attention. I was afraid family members of my babies would find me and be able to track us down.

Most people I know have figured out these articles are mine. They have called me Melanie at church and caught me off guard. I have also been out in public and talked to people about foster care and they have asked if this article was mine.

I have decided I cannot be afraid if I want to be a voice and make a change for foster children. I need to be bold enough to be seen and to be heard.

Recently I have been on social media raising money for CASA and that is what has sparked this decision. If you have seen the video and read these articles I figured most people would put two and two together.

So here is the truth…. my name is Lynda.

I have loved writing these articles and sharing my experiences with everyone. I write these articles to inform more people about the foster care system. I also write these articles to get more people fired up about fighting for our children or to listen to that feeling in your tummy saying you should be a foster or adoptive parent as well.

It is scary to put my picture out and my name into the world but I can’t be afraid of others. Our children deserve someone who will be bold and I am going to be bold.

I will continue to write these articles… now under my own name. I also started a Facebook page so you can follow along throughout the week. I will be sharing other articles on the page, information, and ways everyone can help foster care children. The page is called Foster Mom Natchitoches.

I can’t thank everyone enough for reading these articles and wanting to know more about foster care and how you can help.

I’m excited to be called by God to be bold for these children. We have a lot of work to do but I’m ready!

7 thoughts on “Foster Mom: The Truth

  1. Your courage and selflessness are very admirable. This is a very special calling you have responded to. In many ways more difficult than traditional parenting. Opening your home and your heart knowing you will have to let go at any time is an intimidating set of conditions to stay prepared for. You are amazing, and your decision to write about your journey may be of great value in encouraging the right kind of nurturing people to take the chance and join in.
    God bless you and your little ones, wherever they may be.

  2. I don’t know you Lynda, but I am so proud of the way you are helping “the least of these” in God’s kingdom! I look forward to reading your articles!

  3. I have enjoyed reading the articles, and have read from the very first one. I don’t know you, but you are a brave woman, because putting your name out there often gets you a lot of criticism because someone is having a bad dad and takes what you write in the wrong way. CASA interests me a lot. In my own way, I have been helping children with maybe one parent who should never have been a parent, and the courts won’t limit the time he is with the children, and the hurt he brings them, though he has given them enough reason to and a mother fighting the battle to raise the children in a safe home. Could you tell me who to contact regarding CASA or if there is a web site one can go to. Thank you for fostering children and giving them love. Not nearly enough people do so, and I know some who would make wonderful foster parents. As for me, I can only be a grandma who loves children, who has taught children in church for years, and wants to help those who are innocent victims. I know there are children out there who need an advocate, and I would like information on this. Thank you very much, for the info you give, and the columns you have written.

    • CASA is an amazing organization to be part of! Here is the number to the one here in Natchitoches – 318-238-2446. The workers there are amazing! Try to call today because I think they are starting training this month.

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