According to Kris: Valentines Gifts for Everyone

It’s Wednesday Stylers! While Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks away but I just couldn’t wait to share my gift guide with you. This year Valentine’s Day is not for just couples. It’s for yourself and your friends. It’s for the person who gave you love all 365 days of the year. Everyone may not speak the language of love the same, but when it comes to showing a little love come February 14, a physical token of affection is the perfect accompaniment to a romantic love letter, cheesy greeting card, or just some quality time together. And this Valentine’s Day, there’s something special at every price point. You can get a gift for your lover that starts below $20, but doesn’t lack in charm. There’s something for everyone in my ultimate guide, from simple, classic gifts like a bouquet of roses or Kate Spade Heart Stud Earrings to more out-there options like a “Reasons Why I Love You” coffee mug set or custom wine bottle label.

A thoughtful alternative to a night at an overly crowded restaurant is spending the night cozying up at home. Create a romantic mood of your liking because let’s face it, restaurants don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day. You could get cozy under a newly unwrapped dusty pink blanket or slip into a luxurious silky robe. Not only is this romantic for two, but it’s also perfect for one. Fix a picnic basket and sip on some wine while reading from a classic romance novel, or you can go for it and buy those Apple AirPods you’re been itching for.

Perhaps you’re also hoping to treat your friends with something small to show you care this Valentine’s Day. Honestly, a relationship is nothing but a really good friendship. A friendship bracelet is fun and classic. Besides, thin beaded bands are in right now. A pink satin pajama set will do just the trick. A “Make Your Own HOT Sauce Kit” or even a crystal hair barrette can help say “I love you.”