Foster Mom: How many days?

How many days?

How many days should a child stay in foster care?

766 still counting
995 still counting

Just a few numbers to think about. These are numbers of days children I know have spent in the foster care system.

How many days? How long do childrens’ lives get put on hold?

Biological parents are told when their children first enter the system that at nine months “real conversations” have to be had. They are told that at that point they really need to see if reunification is possible or if adoption is what will have to happen.

Based on those numbers do you really think this conversation is being had at 9 months?

The rest of this conversation is like this…. at one year a final decision needs to be made because we don’t want children growing up in foster care.

Based on these numbers do you really think this is what is happening?

We don’t want children to live in foster care but these numbers show something very different.

The problem is everything is only policy so literally depending on who your case worker is, the supervisor, and judge depends on what happens. I have had cases in 3 different parishes and each case worker has told me different information.

We need stronger policies! Why are these children living in foster care?

If a decision is suppose to be made at 1 year why are these numbers so high?

We need to start demanding stronger policies and hard decisions being made in the set amount of time set by policy.

How many days in the system do you think is too many?

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  1. I commend you for your heroic efforts to educate the public on this flawed system. It is such an important topic that needs desperately be addressed. Your dedication to these children should be an inspiration to all – I thank you!

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