According to Kris: 5 Ways to Wear Red and Pink

TGIW Stylers! Of course, Valentine’s Day always brings multiple red and pink color combos. But, honestly, I like pink and red together year-round! I always wanted to try this combo but I have a fear of playing with color, but this year I’m stepping out of my box, starting with Valentine’s Day. Some color combinations are typically associated with a certain time of year or around a particular holiday. Like red and green, orange and black. Pink and red certainly fall under that category. However, pink and red can be worn throughout the year, not just around mid-February.

So how do you wear pink and red together when it’s not Valentine’s Day?

Be bold with red pieces

Invest in a bold red statement piece. A suit or dress, which is a classic and versatile wardrobe staple. Keep the other items neutral in cream, camel, or gray. Then, bring in a pop of pink accessories.

Stay saturated or move to muted

When mixing red and pink, go either all-out vivid with hot pink and electric red or move towards the muted tones like baby pink and soft rosy red. Stay in the same realm of saturation.

Work it into your wardrobe warmly

If you’d like to bring this bold color combo into a conservative office place. Infuse pink and red into your work wardrobe with a mauve top and deep brick red shoes and handbag. In other words, go for warmer shades rather than the bold versions of red and pink.

Consider color for casual date night

For date night, wear a red and pink t-shirt with distressed denim. Add jewelry, a bag, and fun heels – and you’re ready to go!

Brace for bold blocking

Go bold by color blocking a blouse and skirt. Glossy accessories, cat eye makeup, and a bold red lip or pink lip complete the look!