Get ready for Krewe of Dionysos Mardi Gras Parade

The Krewe of Dionysos Mardi Gras Parade will be Saturday, Feb. 22; rolling at 6 pm.

If groups or organizations would like to enter the parade, parade participation forms can be submitted on-line through their website, or request a form at

The parade will start at the River South Common shopping center (Stage) parking lot; turning right onto South Drive; turning left at Keyser Avenue; crossing the Keyser bridge and turning right on Jefferson Street, continuing onto Front Street; turning left onto Texas Street; and turning left onto Second Street to Church Street to end the parade route.

8 thoughts on “Get ready for Krewe of Dionysos Mardi Gras Parade

  1. Sometimes they’ll throw tshirts or stuffed animals but be very selfish about giving them out. Beads are broken and you don’t always get the very pretty ones

    • Why don’t you make a cash donation so they can buy more things to throw? They pay for that stuff out of their pockets. They put on a free parade any exspences come out of the pockets! If you all are that upset DON’T FREAKING GO!

  2. hell it ought to be a “happy” parade most all the participants are hammered
    by the time parade starts .They Need to do DUI checks on most the
    vehicles in parade.

  3. Will you please make it mandatory for the parade entries to throw the children candy and beads. I have seen some people in the parade and they have frowns on their faces, not waving and speaking back to the children and not throwing one piece of candy. That is what a parade is all about the children having fun, enjoying themselves catching candy, beads, etc. I hate a dry, boring parade. If you don’t want to participate with excitement for our children, don’t join in. The corvette club don’t ever need to be participates again. A couple of years ago they didn’t as much smile and wave at the kids let alone throw a piece of candy. That made me mad. I guess it was all about showing off those little bitty cars they can barely fit in.

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