46 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby coming to Natchitoches

  1. Very happy that Natchitoches is getting additional business that will help grow our community! I’m so tired of seeing small business failures here.
    To our local politicians: PLEASE invest in infrastructure to help us maintain national chain stores and build our communities.

  2. Hobby Lobby is a cute little store full of home décor and crafts. More clothing stores would be great for the area. I would also suggest a Chipotle. With it being a college town it’d be really popular.

  3. This will become the teacher’s crack house! They will be on this like crackhead on meth! Teachers won’t be able to resist the lure of having the most creative bulletin boards in their school!

  4. How about fixing Hart Road going to Campti? My business is suffering due to the horrible road! Potholes galore!!!

    • Genius. You do know that the City of Natchitoches isn’t running the Hobby Lobby right? It’s called a private business.

  5. Cant wait, put it behind Walgreens, its the perfect spot, Walgreens is a prime location, it stays busy, so happy to be geting one.

  6. Sweet, now a wider range of crafting and Art supplies will be easier to shop for, as well as all the other neat and cool things the store carries. Awesome prices and huge variety; not to mention more jobs will be coming to town! This is wonderful economical move.

    • the Interstate gets nothing except a tax increase we didn’t vote on
      for a park we didn’t want .I wish we could get a Walk Ons,Chilis is past its prime.

      • That’s the golden question.. I’m from florida, compared to the things I’ve seen this parish has no “bad” parts of town.. Or maybe he was just implying the “black” parts smfh

      • I was thinking the same maybe the “black” section like MLK or hum let me guess. Also HL will pull business from the oldest store on front street. I am glad it’s coming but how about the city and parish vote yes on a penny sales tax for 5 years just for roads. If you want folks to visit your city fix them damn roads.

  7. I just hope the local crooked ass politicians don’t interfere. If it’s not about the tourist trap, it usually doesn’t happen. Check the parish dirt roads out. The country folks reap nothing for their tax dollars.

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