Lakeview Highlights: Teacher and Students of the Month

Teacher of the Month: Sarah Blanchard

Ms. Blanchard was selected as Teacher of the Month for January because of her students’ amazing LEAP scores. She is a very effective teacher and Lakeview is proud to have her in the Math Department. She loves teaching and interacting with her students day to day and watching them grow. When not at school, she can be found with her kids and family. They love to hike, ride bikes, and cook or just snuggle up and read a good book together.

High School Student of the Month: Donavon Carries

Donavon is very polite and is a hard worker who always completes his tasks on time. He strives for accuracy and detail in everything he does. Donavon is very helpful to others and has a great attitude. He enjoys fishing and playing football and would like to be a professional football player in the future.

Junior High Student of the Month: Braylee Layfield-Bruce

Braylee is an outstanding student who puts a lot of effort into her work. She never complains and is a good friend to others. She is responsible and does not hesitate to help her friends without being asked to do so. She enjoys being in the band and playing the xylophone. In the future, Braylee wants to be a nurse.

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