According to Kris: Don’t Sweat It

Happy Wednesday Stylers! Do you remember when sweatpants used to be the unofficial sign for giving up on life? Well that can’t be said anymore. Maybe it’s the birth of a new wave of feminism, or maybe athleisure has finally taken over, but sweatpants aren’t just accepted now, they’re welcomed, celebrated even. That is, of course, if you wear the right ones. Sure, you don’t need to be showing up to a wedding or a meeting in a pair of sweats. But in your house, on a plane, or even sitting in a coffee shop? Sure!

I remember when I would only get my granny sweats for Christmas but, thanks to the new takes on the classic sweatpant, there are new slim versions in modern fabrics that look like you actually put some thought into your look. They’re a bona fide essential for pretty much everybody’s closet. And thanks to those stretchy materials and that elastic waistband, they’re seriously comfortable whether you’re just lounging around or heading out for the day.

It’s no secret that styling a pair of sweatpants in a sophisticated fashion can be tricky, and even more so difficult when trying to think outside the box. But wearing sweats, joggers or track pants doesn’t have to be boring. Style a classic blazer over your sweatpants for an instant upgrade. Try different shades or even pairing your joggers with heels.

Let these ensembles stir up some new looks.

Style Tip: Dress up your joggers with a pair of pointy-toe pumps for and instantly elevated ensemble.