Natchitoches Parish School Board Member Reba Phelps Supports NSU Educators Rising Conference

Reba Phelps, Natchitoches Parish School District 6 representative is a sponsor of the NSU Educators Rising State Conference to be held February 19, 2020.

Educators Rising Louisiana, formerly known as Future Educators of America (FEA), is the non-profit student organization and/or class for middle and high school students interested in the field of education-related careers.

235 students are expected to attend this event and it will boast 21 speakers.

“It was a complete honor to support this initiative that will encourage students to become educators,” said Phelps. “Conferences like these are imperative as there is a nationwide shortage of teachers.”

This is the first Educators Rising State conference to be held in Louisiana. Pictured with Phelps is Katrina Jordan and Jessie Church

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