Multiple Students Charged at Many High School for Illicit Acts

Sabine Parish– In early February 2020, the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations Special Victims Unit (LSP SVU) was contacted by the Many Police Department for assistance with a complaint involving an illicit social media video containing the sexual battery of a juvenile. The video was determined to involve students at Many High School.

As a result of the investigation and information obtained, arrest warrants were issued for seven juvenile students and one 18-year-old student. The juvenile students were arrested for a variety of charges, which consisted of some or all of the following: sexual battery, 2nd degree kidnapping, and pornography involving juveniles. The adult student, Quacie Kerlegon, was arrest for sexual battery and 2nd degree kidnapping. He was booked into the Sabine Parish Detention Center.

Many Police Department and the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office assisted LSP with the investigation. The Sabine Parish School Board has been cooperative with all investigative requests.

The investigation remains active and ongoing. There is no further information available at this time.

3 thoughts on “Multiple Students Charged at Many High School for Illicit Acts

    • Agreed. Do we know if any faculty or staff knew about it before the police did? Kids are very secretive. It’s possible that no teachers, coaches, or administrators knew about it.

      I remember when 2 girls were raped at a school where I taught in 2000 (Rayne HS, south of Lafayette). Nothing happened to the boy who did it. I heard that he had an uncle on the school board. The rapes happened under the bleachers in the gym. I don’t know if the boy was charged with a crime, even though he was 18, and the girls were minors. I do remember the father of one of the girls shaved her head as punishment. And the assistant principal, for whom the boy worked as an aide, went around to all of us teachers asking us to sign a petition requesting he not be expelled. I also remember when this boy walked behind me after class and tried to rub my shoulders; another teacher told me he had done that to her, too. You’d be shocked if you knew all the inappropriate things kids say and do to teachers.

      Do I trust principals and school board members? Nope. They have every reason to cover things up when something happens on school grounds. But I do trust most teachers. They look into the faces of kids every single day. If you truly care about children, you can’t just turn away and do nothing.

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