What Are Those Folks Thinking?

By Joe Darby

Okay, let’s get this straight.

The person who has won the first two Democratic Party primary elections is an aging socialist who thinks that people living under left-wing dictators in South America are really better off than us Americans.

You think I’m making that up? Well, hear this. Dear old lovable Bernie Sanders (lovable at least to his comrades) has posted on his website an editorial marked “Must Read” saying that Venezuela, along with Ecuador and Argentina, is where “the American dream is more apt to be realized than in America.”

Now that’s rather an astounding statement given that Venezuela is a completely failed left-wing dictatorship that oppresses its people and has trouble even providing food and medical basics for them. And, by the way, Bernie has also praised Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega and the Communist Castro regime in Cuba.

So, I’m wondering what this says about the Democratic Party, which has given Sanders, a Vermont senator, victory in this week’s New Hampshire primary as well as in last week’s fiasco of a caucus in Iowa.

To be sure, the young former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigies, finished a very close second to Sanders in both contests. And Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota finished a strong third in New Hampshire Both of those contenders are labeled as “moderates” although by recent standards of American politics, they would have been called very liberal just a few years ago.

There is perhaps one bit of good news coming out of New Hampshire. Elizabeth Warren, the erratic and hard leftist senator from Massachusetts finished a poor fourth, although she is herself a New Englander and was leading in polls in New Hampshire not so long ago. I tell you, that woman scares me as much as, if not more so, than Bernie.

Then, there’s poor old Joe Biden, long-time leader in national polls but who has crashed in both Iowa and New Hampshire. He’s looking forward to the upcoming South Carolina primary, in which a high percentage of African-American voters are expected to participate. The former vice-president is popular in the black community, but many pundits are already writing him off after his disastrous showing in Iowa and New Hampshire.

So what does old Bernie, the admirer of left-wing dictators, have in mind for the United States if he’s elected president? I won’t go into great detail about his plans, but he wants to make your private health insurance illegal and to embark on a mad spending spree that would cost $100 trillion (yes, that’s trillion with a T) over the next 10 years.

He also, although he’s a billionaire himself, will go after all those evil rich people and make them pay, as he says, their fair share of taxes. Well, actually, they already do. The top 1 percent of earners pay 37 percent of federal taxes and the bottom 90 percent pay 30 percent, leaving the remaining 9 percent of the wealthy, but not the super billionaires, to pay the remaining 33 percent. That seems like a fairly equitable distribution to me.

It is my belief that if the Democrats do in fact nominate Sanders for president, they are guaranteeing the reelection of Donald Trump, the man they love to hate. Politics in this modern day and age is a very strange phenomenon, I think. Why would a voter support a candidate who almost certainly cannot win, leaving the victory to a despised opponent?

I truly cannot understand the lurch to the left of the modern Democratic Party. I suppose it just goes to show the extent to which ideological thinking has taken over in US. It seems there few moderates any more. At least, there’s not nearly enough of them. And there’s far too many radical left wingers and right wing extremists. What a choice we would have in November. Trump or Sanders. Woe is us.

14 thoughts on “What Are Those Folks Thinking?

  1. Woo hoo, Lady Jane. You go girl!
    Bernie’s quote was actually written in 2011 at sanders.senate.gov. Here you can actually read his statement in its entirety, rather than what Natl Review wants you to see. Bernie actually states many applicable facts back then. Some I agree with, others I do not. This IS still America, isnt it? Do a little investigating folks. The Google machine is a wonderful tool. Possibly some have heard of it.
    I’m not sure what less than half the country doesn’t get yet. Either folks are claiming ignorance for whatever reason or they just don’t care. There is no other choice.
    Americans (and the world) has known of HIMSELF’s wrong doings (to put it nicely) since before the 2016 election. Money laundering with Russian oligarchs, tax evasion, sexual assault to name a few. What right minded “Christian” would want that to represent our country in Washington? Oh yeah, let’s add in misogyny, racism, bigotry, lying (over 16,000 times since he took office), etc. Hopefully I don’t need to continue.
    Has anyone noticed smaller banks being sold to larger ones? Or have you heard that large stores are closing hundreds of stores and laying off hundreds of workers? Doesn’t sound like a stable economy for such a “stable genius”. Money isn’t everything folks. It cannot and will not buy our democracy back from dictators.
    Remember there are moderate Democrats running. Bernie is not my choice but I will still vote Dem to get this HUGE threat to democracy out of OUR house, the people’s house, The White House. I hope you all will do some research to find out about the other Dem candidates. If you look, there is someone better in our future.

    • I noticed that the incidents of lying buy Trump increased dramatically when Politico was given 5 million dollars by the Clintons!

  2. Thank you Jimmy Cox for your uplifting comments. Yes we need 4 more years to break the bureaucratic hold on our government. Keep cleaning house, and let’s have term limits on our federal government as we have on the presidency.

  3. Thank you Alex for forcing the author to admit he had no reliable source for the Venezuela comment. I would also like to know his source for the tax percentages. Do not take anybody’s statement at face value. Ask where they got their facts and then check them.

    • Hi, Lady BD. I certainly appreciated Alex’s inquiry but I was not “forced” to admit I had no reliable source. That makes it sound like I was trying to conceal something. I did rely on an article in a magazine that I have found to be very accurate in the past. But of course I should have double checked the website myself. I didn’t, but again, I was not trying to pull one over on y’all, as should be abundantly clear. And again, thanks to Alex for his vigilance. To you, Lady BD, I sincerely thank you for reading NPJ and my column. Joe.

  4. Bernie Sanders certainly isnt my first choice, nor my second, third, fourth, etc. I would definitely vote for him over what we have now. Amy Klobuchar is very middle of the road. Please check out her website.
    Also I might recommend other places for viewing news, reading. Try ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, The Atlantic mag (the oldest mag in the US). I know there are many others. Did you bother to read in its entirety what Bernie said at his website sanders.senate.gov in 2011. Or did you just read the one sentence National Review wanted you to read? Pick and choose, right?

  5. Amen, Jimmy! A person my dislike President Trump as a person, but as a President he has done a super job. I say FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!

  6. FOXBusiness says that Bernie Sanders net worth is 2.5 million. I think the only billionaire in the race is Michael Bloomberg.

  7. Hello Joe, I am very confused. I just spent a lot of time on his website after reading this. I actually went through the entire thing. I could find not a single reference to Venezuela. Where was this located and would you mind sharing that source as well as any info you may have on it’s validity?

    • That’s an excellent question, Alex. Any journalist should always check his sources when possible and I failed to double check this one, assuming that it was correct. That statement was in an article in the latest issue of “National Review” magazine by Kyle Smith entitled “The Great Mountain Red.” He said the post was made nine years ago but “it’s still there, under the heading Must Read.” I had no reason to doubt Smith’s contention but, again, journalists should neve make assumptions. If there is in fact no reference to Venezuela on the website, it’s “my bad” as they say. Thank you very much for inquiring about this.

  8. Excuse me, but happy is us for Trump to serve another term. What is any democrat thinking who supports murdering the unborn and the born? What are they thinking about open borders and allowing illegal non-citizens to vote? What about their plans to destroy an entire economic system and place its totalitarian management in the hands of unseen, unknown, unelected bureaucrats who never held a real job? What are they thinking when they knowingly, willingly shield dangerous criminals from law enforcement? What are they thinking when they can’t even count caucus voters in Iowa but want to be in charge of the entire Federal budget?The questions go on, but the real question is whether or not these democrats possess any capacity at all to formulate a reasonable thought. Trump is a welcome alternative to any democrat.

    • What are you thinking? All the jobs and economic is good for folks who have money in the stock market not everyday folks who work a regular job. What are you thinking that yes jobs are up but wages are still low and to help the job market many are working 2 and 3 jobs. This will make the job market look great. What are you thinking when its OK to kill unarmed innocent black men and the officers goes on vacation. What are you thinking when if your son grabs a woman by her private parts its OK and its a man being a white rich man. What were you thinking when its OK to say innocent black men raped a lady in central park and should get the death penalty. What were you thinking when a racist like Rush got a medal when a Tuskegee airman Charles McGee who fought in a wars a decorated solider sat while a racist get a medal. What were you thinking when you wrote all of your message on MAWA? Oh i am sorry you were not thinking because you don’t care if the president of the free worlds is above the law. Remember we reap what we sow. Oh my bad your Christian faith haven’t seen that in the bible and finally its OK for #45 to spend your money playing golf but you had issues if #44 said the word golf. How much has been given by this government to pay #45 for staying at his properties? Does 1 ➕ 1 equal 2? If not you are under a rock

      • I know what MAGA means, but what does MAWA stand for?

        Yes, Yes, Yes! Finally someone who believes a man saying he grabs women by the …. and brags about it is a POOR choice to be a president. Shame on any Christian who voted for such an un-Godly man.

        We as a country are truly reaping what we sow, and we will continue to regret our poor choices as long as we support leaders that spew hate and ignorance and intolerance to divide us further and further apart.

    • Since when do illegal non-citizens vote, sir? Every time I vote, I have to show my voters’ registration card. Tell me where you can obtain one if you’re not an American citizen, because I’d like to take a picture of this place……….To what unseen, unknown, un-elected officials are you referring? Last time I checked, this country’s economy was being run by rich CEOs, bankers, and foreign business interests that I’ve never seen, I don’t know, I certainly never elected, and I believe were born with silver spoons in their mouths……..Who are these dangerous criminals being shielded from law enforcement?………Where are you getting all your information? Have you considered the possibility that your sources are inaccurate, or do you believe everything on TV, the radio, or the internet is true?

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