Candidacy Announcement: Rosemary Washington Elie for City Council District 4

I am the daughter of Daymon Payton and the late Nancy Ann Washington. I’ve been married to Shannon Lee Elie for 17 years. I’ve worked for the United States Postal Service for 12 years, in Community Transportation for 17 years, and with Domestic Violence for 6 years.

Natchitoches is a great place to live and I believe we are all in this together, from our homes, neighborhoods, and our district. We all want District 4 to be strong for a better place in the future. This strength is best seen in our neighborhoods, which are the heart and soul of our city. Of course, we need to revitalize the downtown, but our neighborhoods should be a place where people can feel and show a sense of pride.

I’d like to focus on infrastructure to ensure that taxpayer dollars are utilized for improvement of our communities. I’d like to see roads in District 4 improved by overlaying them instead of patching. I’d like to see drainage improved to avoid flooding residents’ yards and backup drainage.

I’d also like to focus on public safety. We need to keep our youth safe by making them our #1 priority. We need to provide constructive activities and community events to engage our youth. We need to provide job training and opportunities for our youth through job skills, good work habits and building self esteem. We also need to help clean up the neighbors by involving our community.

There are things going on with our youth that may be different from our elders. Many elders have said that people have died for your right to vote. This declaration has been passed down from generation to generation as a reminder of the importance of your right to vote. The people in District 4 need to understand that there’s a lot of power in politics. It can control our destiny and our economy. Because it hasn’t worked in the past, people just dismissed it by saying, “It doesn’t matter who the mayor is, or the local school superintendent, or who is on the City Council.”

We need to be fully engaged in what matters now. Let me be your voice. Vote #183. Early voting is March 21-28 and Election Day is April 4.