School Board votes to interview 14 Superintendent applicants

The Natchitoches Parish School Board had a special called meetingThursday, Feb.13.

The meeting was called to order at 5 pm by President Billy Benefield.

There was a lengthy discussion in reference to deciding on the number of candidates to interview. The board received 14 applications. A motion was passed to interview all applicants.

Voting for the motion was Reba Phelps, Emile Metoyer, Steven Harris, Beverly Broadway, Katrina Willis, Dorothy McGaskey and Tankia Palmer.
Voting against the motion was Billy Benefield, Rhonda Guidroz, Russ Danzy and Eugene Garner.

The interviews will be held Feb. 19-21 beginning at 4 pm in the afternoon.

The interviews are open to the public.

Superintendent Applicants (Redacted Copies)
Please take the time to review (Click to view)

B.-Lawrence App

10 thoughts on “School Board votes to interview 14 Superintendent applicants

  1. Reading these comments indicate why our schools and roads are in the shape of a third world nation. Education is NOT a business and students are not products. A PhD is not a guarantee to success…if you pulled one of the actual REAL teachers into central office something might actually get better. However, it will likely be another coach turned principal turned superintendent. Try talking to the actual teachers in our schools instead of the people sending their kids to St. Mary’s!!

    • From what I’ve read the ones being interviewed, I see one name with a resume’ long as the column and his name is familiar to all who read it. I’m just waiting to see when he becomes the choice. I agree with your statement, because the persons that know these schools, and the people who works here, are overlooked for cronies.

  2. Well Rick, if that is your real name, I’d enjoy discussing this with you IF you were man/woman enough to use your full name.

  3. If they don’t have an EdD, they shouldn’t even be interviewed. We have to hold them to the highest standard.

    • An EdD does not ensure success. There have been plenty of superintendants with your desired prerequisite that have been dismal failures as administrators and not just in Natchitoches. Employees are hired to educate, transport, counsel, coach, and feed students the super should have strong business skills something that you don’t learn in the pursuit of an EdD. This is primarily a business position not an education position.

      • Absolutely. Schools should be run like businesses. Their product is students.Only kids who make A or B grades are acceptable; C grades are average (and you can’t get top dollar for them). If students fail, they should be fired. Or their pay cut. Students who make good grades should earn more. Teachers should look for ways to teach faster and more efficiently so the parish can produce more graduates. Teachers who produce “A students” should get more money than teachers who produce “B students”. It doesn’t matter how teachers improve the quality of the students: This is business. If a school doesn’t produce enough quality students, the teachers and administrators should be fired and the building closed. Children will just have to go somewhere else.

      • Mr. Hilton:
        The board has made two requirements for the position of Superintendent:
        1. Meets minimum requirements as set down by the State Department of Education.
        2. Holds a Ed.D/Ph.D.

        PERIOD! Your opinion is irrelevant.

        What I find interesting about the split decision, is that the old order seems to have lost its hold over the board!

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