Family Mardi-Gras Fun in Cloutierville!

Kevin’s Gallery – Great Crowd!

The 14th Cloutierville Mardi Gras parade rolled through the south Natchitoches parish town Saturday, Feb 15. Well over 100 units participated in the popular event, bringing everything from a fire truck, floats and horses to beautifully restored classic cars. The 2020 Parade Grand Marshal, NRMC Emergency Services Director Larry Atteridge, led the parade accompanied by an ambulance.

Over 1,000 eager paradegoers lined the main drive through Cloutierville and called out for beads and trinkets to the passing units. They were not disappointed! Beads, cups, candy and small stuffed animals were just a few examples of the huge number of items thrown by the members of the parade units. It was a rare child indeed that did not go home with a neck full of beads and a bag of candy and toys.

The parade ended at the St. John the Baptist church hall, transformed into one of the best restaurants in the area, as the parishioners served up bowls of homemade gumbo, meatpies and other Creole delicacies. A DJ kept the party going with a mix of music guaranteed to get anyone on the dance floor.

The Cloutierville Mardi Gras parade is a superb example of the unique culture that makes Louisiana such a wonderful place to live. The Natchitoches Parish Journal is looking forward to next year’s parade.

5 thoughts on “Family Mardi-Gras Fun in Cloutierville!

  1. Connie, I hope you will take the time to look at all the pictures in Kevin’s gallery, thou he is color blind he took pictures of all the floats and so many other parade people and parade watchers. I think the Cloutierville parade and pictures have been in the Natchitoches Parish Journal at least 3 years and he makes pictures of everyone.Carla Bond

  2. PEOPLE can’t just go to something and just enjoy it,they have to look for something to whine about! And most of the time it has to be about race. Connie look at yourself with shame!

  3. I’m impressed to finally se the Cloutierville parade in the news too bad it shows one Creole woman who looks white I am sure the photographer was color blind because most of the people who attend and participate are people of color shame on you for omitting them!!

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