NSU Coach Brad Laird arrested for DWI

Northwestern State head football coach Brad Laird has been placed on administrative leave without pay after being arrested for driving while intoxicated Saturday night.

Northwestern State Director of Athletics Greg Burke said: “Brad Laird informed me on February 16 that he had been charged with a DWI the previous evening. The university takes misconduct by any employee seriously and especially one with the level of responsibility of a head coach. The university immediately investigated and confirmed this incident. I met with Coach Laird on the morning of February 17 and informed him that he would be suspended for one week without pay.

“He was also issued a letter of reprimand informing him of consequences that could result from any future misconduct that would violate the conditions of his contract with the university. The letter also outlined additional measures to address this incident. Having known Coach Laird for many years, I respect and was not surprised that he expressed regret about his lack of judgment in this incident and stated that it is his desire to learn from this matter and move forward as a better leader for the young men in the NSU football program.”

Laird issued the following statement:

“On Saturday night, February 15, I made a poor decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking alcohol. It was a poor and selfish decision, and I apologize to everyone who was unknowingly put at risk. I am extremely disappointed in this decision as this is not the type of behavior I instill in my players and staff. This was a lapse in judgement, and I take 100 percent responsibility for my actions. There are so many that are affected by my selfish decision.

“I would like to apologize to my family, Dr. Jim Henderson and the University Louisiana System, Dr. Chris Maggio and Northwestern State University, Mr. Greg Burke and the Northwestern State Athletic Department, and to the Northwestern State football players and coaches – past and present.

“As a role model for this great University and the players and coaches, I am disappointed as my actions were not in the best interest of my family, University, players and coaches. I completely understand there are consequences for all actions, and I accept the disciplinary terms that come with the decision I made Saturday night.”

Because this is a personnel matter, the Northwestern State athletic department will not comment further.

17 thoughts on “NSU Coach Brad Laird arrested for DWI

  1. holier-than-thou attitudes of natchitoches. Leave the man alone most if not all of you have done the same thing. How many of the shots have been busted just to have it “go away”

  2. Hmm, Coach Laird, you’ve apologized to a lot of people. But where’s your apology to the rest of us who were on the same roads and streets you were on that night?

    And thanks, NSU for considering this a “personal matter”. In no way would this matter have affected the public, right?

    • Thank you jd:

      For one unfamiliar with this verse: “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.
      (a common saying might be “sweep around your own front door”)

      One may believe different from my thinking, but this could have been one (you?) of thousands in this city-including born again Christians. Must we lose our stature in life because of one mistake that caused harm to none? I was taught there was forgiveness after repentance.

      • Yes and let’s also remember that after Jesus stopped the stoning he told the woman to go and sin NO MORE. Casting judgement on bad behavior is NOT the same as judging someone’s heart. Jesus stopped a killing but did not excuse the deed.

      • Ah but there were victims, the University as a whole, the young men whom he charged with leading, there are more.

  3. There’s always people out there that always have to scream THEY SHOULD BE FIRED! The man is human and made a mistake,guess you never made one huh Bo?

  4. It is interesting to observe how matter like this are handled in the civilian sector. When I was still in and serving we would punish Rangers that made the same mistake as Coach Laird by making them leave Ranger Regiment and the Special Operations community. The single incident would effect the remainder of the persons career and inhibit promotion and potentially get them kicked out of the military. As leaders we began to take a step back and try to look at the bigger picture as we had been continually deployed (and still are) since October 18th 2001 and many of us had spent a large amount of time deployed. We tried to identify at-risk indicators and see if there were factors from deploying so much that may need to be addressed to prevent such instances. It could be the person needed help and mentoring dealing with all they had experienced.

    This situation is similar in many ways however, it is also very different. While it was a lapse in judgement, it was a significant one. One that would cost a student-athlete their scholarship and thus, their opportunity at education. Every coach, regardless of where, has a moral responsibility to set the example of what behaviors they expect from their athletes. This incident has created an environment where there may be very different consequences for the university staff than students and thus the university stands to lose credibility should it not be handled in a professional manner with very clear outcomes defined for staff and student-athletes alike.

  5. Coach Laird made a bad choice. However he is like all of us and is not perfect. I feel sure he is much more disappointed with himself than anyone else can be. I think coach Laird is doing a great job at NSU and I am pleased that the staff at NSU seems to be supportive of him as he deals with this issue in his life. Keep up the good work coach.

  6. We live in a town that promotes and allows us to drink freely.and we
    have no taxis or Ubers its about time this city allows Uber here.We
    allow you to drive up to a window to get liquor and drive around and then
    you slap our hands and say don’t its just a little hypocritical !!

  7. While disappointed, as I am sure are all in the NSU and Natchitoches communities, and more importantly, Coach Laird is in himself, I am happy to see that Dr. Maggio, Greg Burke and the rest of the NSU and Natchitoches family seem to also recognize the value of second chances and redemption. Coach Laird and his family have been very good and very loyal to NSU. It’s nice to see the NSU administration, despite certain criticism, return that loyalty. I look forward to watching Coach Laird lead our Demons this fall.

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