Agenda for Parish Council Meeting – TONIGHT

There will be a regularly scheduled meeting of the Natchitoches Parish Council on Monday, Feb. 24 at 5:30 p.m.

The meeting will be held in the Parish Council meeting room, second floor, of the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse.

You can watch the meeting LIVE on the NPJ starting at 5:30p.m. Monday.

7 thoughts on “Agenda for Parish Council Meeting – TONIGHT

  1. Well said Tim.and the people couldn’t vote on the stupid park they
    just decided to raise our taxes and build the stupid thing.And it got new

  2. Where will the new district D tax money be used? Does hobby lobby and northwestern split the money? Natchitoches has a relatively low population compared to most cities stores like hobby lobby locate.

  3. How about we raise taxes for important things? Like plants, Parcs, studies on how to bring more tourism to our town. Even though the roads and infrastructure are destroyed… the near future as the roads leading to the city are further neglected, tourists will decide to skip coming here. Especially since they will have to pay an extra taxes on everything related to visits.

  4. how about dedicating money and time to these “sorry” roads
    and making it a priority.How are we supposed to get teams to this stupid new ball park on crappy roads ?
    I assume teams come from Hwy 6,Hwy 1,etc all lousy roads.But you will
    notice thise shiny new Parc has new roads and turn lanes.

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