Foster Mom: I’m Not the Enemy

By Lynda Hammett

I’M NOT THE ENEMY! This article has always been heavy on my heart and it is time to share it.

I became a foster parent so that I could help babies when their families couldn’t or wouldn’t take care of them. I became a foster parent because I felt like I had love to share with others.

When I sit in meetings with bio-parents I feel like the enemy. I have gotten ugly looks, been ignored, been yelled at, and just treated like crap sometimes. I understand they are upset that their children were taken and maybe they are having to face their addictions head on but I’m not the enemy.

I love every child that comes through my house like they came from me. I forgot all the time that the first two didn’t look like me and would wonder why people were staring just to look down and be reminded we didn’t match on the outside.

I’m here to help do what is right for this child. What is right for this child is that the bio-parents know what is going on with their child. I always try to share the milestones with the families. Some listen and ask questions and some completely ignore me. I bring pictures to share and hand print art they made at daycare.

I’m not the enemy!

I could be a great resource for bio-parents. I would love to communicate with them so they know what is going on with their babies.

None of my babies have gone to their bio-parents. They have all gone to other family members.

I’m here to love the babies but I’m also here to love the people that love them.

I gave my number to each of them. The first baby that left I have never heard from his family. It was hard.

The second baby left and I hear from his forever mommy several times a week. I get pictures and videos. I get to see him when they come Natchitoches and if I pass through their town I can go see them. The baby was part of our family the day he came but his forever family has become part of our family.

I’m blessed to hear from the twins as well. I get updates through texts and Facebook and get to watch them grow.

All I want is what is best for the babies. I will always love them no matter where they are. And I’m not the enemy!

One thought on “Foster Mom: I’m Not the Enemy

  1. Gid bless you. The ingratitude of some of the bio parents must be very difficult to shoulder on top of your parental duties and sacrifices. But I learned long ago not to hold children responsible for the flaws of their parents. It’s obvious that you don’t either. Fight the good fight. You are certainly not the enemy.

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