East Natchitoches School of Fine Arts in Full Swing

The East Natchitoches School of Fine Arts is in full swing. Students are busy taking private and group classes in art, keyboard, piano, voice, flute, viola, guitar, drama, dance, and drums. The largest group class is the art class of eleven students taught by Natchitoches Parish School district art teacher, Erin Parrish. Nine private drum lessons are taught by Northwestern State upper classman, Mr. Chris Ball. All other classes are taught by Northwestern State including: Jonathon Andino (viola), David Paz (piano & keyboard), Sarah Holoubek (dance), Sidney Gilder (drama), Herbie Brewton (guitar), and MiKayla Richarsdson (voice and flute).

Director and Natchitoches Parish music teacher, Danny R. Von Kanel says, “I am so excited about this years talent. With a number returning students, we are seeing an uptick in the quality of talent compared to past years. With well over $11,000.00 raised to fund the school, the financial resources are there to fund the year. In addition, I can’t say enough about the Natchitoches business community for believing in us and making it possible for students across the district to experience the arts. Thank you!”

Principal of the East Natchitoches Elementary School is Chrystal Davis. Superintendent of the Natchitoches Parish public school district is Mr. Dale Skinner.

Picture are Drama teacher Sidney Gilder, Daryl Walker, Jacob Hypes, Anna Taylor, Blakely Ridley, Belcy Lopez, Journey Ashlock, Kylon Payton, LaGordian Brown, Lathan Johnson, Barbara Clark, Mary Harvey, Allysa Sibley, Ella Fuitt, Gennaya Gibson, Jayden Harp, Jayda Russell, Cameron McDaniel, Journey Arthor, Drums teacher Chris Ball, Jake Broadway, Flute Teacher MiKayla Richardson, Desiree Edwards, Voice teacher MiKayla, Katie Rodriguez, Keyboard teacher David Paz, and Se’Niya Thomas.