Over 900 children birth – age 4 attended a Natchitoches Parish Early Childhood Network program site in 2018/2019 in Natchitoches Parish.

— Parents and guardians will once again have an opportunity to send their children to a Natchitoches Parish Early Childhood Network program site for 2020-2021 by attending an Open Enrollment Round Up this March 10th, 11th, or 12th. These programs include all Natchitoches Parish School Board Preschools, Save the Children Head Starts & Early Head Starts, and Type III Child Care Centers accepting Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) tuition assistance funding. Each program site works collaboratively with the Network in order to provide a variety high quality learning opportunities for children under the age of 4 based on their individual learning needs and risk factors and comprehensive family support services.

Our mission is to help all children reach their full potential and acquire a lifelong love for learning.

The online open enrollment application period for the 2020-21 school year is open and runs through May 30, 2020. Online application and additional information on Round up dates, locations, and times are available on or reach out to one of our three Point of Contacts for more information:

Amy Metoyer, Childcare Center, 420 Fourth Street, 318-238-7505
Patricia Telsee, Head Start, 319 North Street, 318-357-2213
Melissa White, Public School, 310 Royal Street, 318-352-8389