According to Kris: TGIF

By Kris James

TGIF Stylers. Thank goodness it’s Friday, right? Twenty-some years ago, TGIF stood for “Thank Goodness It’s Funny,” the name of the Friday-night sitcom line up that every teen and pre-teen in America loved.

TGIF first aired in 1989, and the lineup included shows like Full House and Family Matters. But it wasn’t until the mid-90s when it exploded. Viewers fell in love with Steve Urkel, Sabrina Spellman, and Cory Matthews. The beloved shows were a Friday night ritual. After a long week of school and work, families got to wind down with TGIF while getting to know Salem the Cat and rooting for Cory and Topanga’s love story.

That included me. My Friday nights as a kid were pretty chill. I was an only child. I was introverted, shy, and happy to stay in on the weekends and you could find me watching TGIF most Friday nights. Every Friday I would tune in to see what life-lessons I would learn or what my favorite characters were going to wear. I didn’t get introduced to fashion magazines until I was a teenager. Without Lori Winslow, Sabrina and the cast from Sister, Sister and Clueless keeping me on trends I probably wouldn’t be half as stylish as I am now. And let’s not forget about their holiday episodes. I still go full decor for every holiday thanks to TGIF.

For those of us who want to reminisce, we should host TGIF at home. Instead of hosting your regular dinner night with friends or family switch it up. The things that were fashionable during our youth will have a lifelong influence over our personal preferences. Nostalgia parties are a great way of treating your guests by giving them the chance to relive their past or allow new generations to experience the atmosphere of a different era. TGIF wasn’t just a Friday night lineup; it was a pillar of the 90s, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it.


Watch some of your favorite episodes.

All the seasons of Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Step by Step, Family Matters are on Hulu

Lunchroom Pizza.

Nothing takes you right back to 90s school cafeterias like a slab of Rectangle Pizza. Serve it on some actual cafeteria trays with chocolate milk cartons and canned corn for the full experience.

Assorted 90s Snacks.

This is probably the easiest party theme to stock with a variety of nostalgic packaged snacks. Though a lot of items may not be available anymore, the ones that are would make a fantastic snack spread, make sure to use the packaging as part of the decor

DIY Dunkaroo Dip.

You may not be able to get the real thing anymore, but this is a very convincing substitute that will make your 90’s-loving guests squeal with delight