According to Kris: Spring-Cleaning

Hello my stylers, with Spring just around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about Spring cleaning! This is a popular time of the year to clear the clutter as we transition from the winter months to the lighter and brighter Spring months. Spring cleaning for most of us is usually when we clean our homes and give it a refresh. For some of us, we get rid of our old clothes to fit some new ones. There’s no better feeling than being able to shop. But clothes aside, it’s also important to clean the toxic people out of your lives.

Start by making a simple Spring-cleaning checklist. List the areas of your home or life that you would like to see clearly and dirt free. Ask yourself questions like when was the last time I cleaned my closet? Does this item or person whole bring your joy? How old is that eyeliner I have been wearing daily? Answering, this hard question will give you more of a direction to start.

I personally grew up in a house when you heard music being played on Saturday morning meant that it was time to clean. Do you enjoy music? This may be a perfect opportunity to create or put to good use a great soundtrack to energize you through the process. Whatever your preferred music is, add it to your cleaning routine as it will make time go much faster! Since you will be shaking and moving, leave comfortable clothes set aside the night before so that you are ready and prepared for the day ahead.

When cleaning your closet check the accessories drawers, and even your make up! There are many methods to declutter. I like to check garments for loose buttons, broken zippers, and visible threads. Then, decide if the article can be fixed or if it’s even worth the effort and cost to repair it. You may also want to evaluate your closet based on the love it or not principle. If you are still in love with those boyfriend jeans from five years ago, you may want to hold on to them. However, some shit just has to go.

Once you have decluttered, it’s onto the fun part! Time for deep cleaning. Hopefully, by now, you have purchased or gathered all your necessary supplies to give every area of your home a thorough scrub. Stick to your plan, your schedule, and zero in on each area. It’s easier to take care of each space only once and do it well! If you have family members that will also be participating, assign each person an area to divide and conquer tasks.

Now that your home is clean and refreshed, it is a great time to decide how you will maintain your results. Will you continue to set aside a weekly or monthly time to keep your home clean?