School Board selects Grant Eloi as new superintendent-elect for Natchitoches Parish

Grant Eloi and wife Lauren Eloi She is a teacher at Alma Redwine Elem in Rapides

The Natchitoches Parish School Board voted for Grant Eloi, Regional Coordinator in Pineville as the new superintendent-elect for Natchitoches Parish schools. Six votes were needed to select the new superintendent and Eloi received eight votes on the first round of ballots. Board members voting for Eloi included Reba Phelps, Beverly Broadway, Katrina Willis, Rhonda Guidroz, Billy Benefield, Russ Danzy, Eugene Garner, and Tankeia Palmer.

Eloi thanked the board and said he was humbled by their decision.

“I know this is a great responsibility you’re bestowing upon me and I don’t take it lightly,” he said. “I look forward to working with you all.”

Below are Mr. Eloi’s Final Interview, Mr. Eloi’s First Interview and Mr. Eloi’s Original Application for your review.

Grant Eloi Original Application:    G.-Eloi-App

13 thoughts on “School Board selects Grant Eloi as new superintendent-elect for Natchitoches Parish

  1. It was NOT a requirement to have a doctorate. Re-read the job posting. Recall Board Members? Because 8 of them agreed on one candidate. Good luck with that one. It should be noted that 2 minority board members voted for him as well. Mr. ELOI was the ONLY candidate who received 10 votes of approval on the first round of interviews.

  2. The position shouldn’t be about black or white, but rather someone to move the system forward and work to afford ALL students a QUALITY education in a safe environment. It should be someone who will work toward a trade oriented education for those who are not college bound.

  3. I can’t wait to hear how he is “more qualified ” than all the others. Now all y’all out there that is surprise about this choice, RAISE YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!

    • I believe that the board has equal representation and 1 person was not responsible for the selection. If people viewed the world through their hearts rather than skin color, the world would be a better place. There are a million positive things to say about this topic…dismayed that you could only think on one divisive comment! Hoping there is more sunshine left in your day, Logan!

      • Define your equal representation for me!! Because the last time I looked, there isn’t one governing body in this Parish has equal representation, every one of them is majority white and most things are voted on that line. Go on and repeat that two blacks voted with the majority so that made it equal, it didn’t. Every white member voted for him, so that’s all the equality I saw. How many black candidates applied in any leading position, such superintendent, head coach been turned away because they didn’t qualify, according to your standard??

    • I actually had hopes that they would… Shame on those 8 of 11 members that voted in favor of recession. We should think about recalling some of them.

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