COVID-19 Closures: The List

The following  have been either Closed, Delayed, Restricted, Postponed or Cancelled:

April 4, 2020 Louisiana Elections – Postponed to June
CLICK HERE – for new dates and Schedule 
No Early Voting at the Courthouse in March!

Area Banks and Financial Institutions – Open

Chamber’s Legislative Issues Luncheon – Postponed 
City of Natchitoches Candidate Forum – Postponed
CLTCC Classes Week of March 16 – Postponed

Flavor of Louisiana – Postponed
Friends of the Library Book Sale – Postponed

Long Purple Line luncheon – Postponed
LSMSA School – Closed/Online Learning

Natchitoches Dragon Boat Race for April 4 – Cancelled
Natchitoches Parish Detention Center Visits – Cancelled
Natchitoches Parish Public Schools – Closed
Natchitoches Parish Courthouse – Restricted
Natchitoches Regional Medical Center – Open/Restriced
Natchitoches-Northwestern Symphony Concert – Cancelled
Natchitoches Young Baseball/Softball League – Postponed

NSU Face-to-Face Classes Only – Closed/Online Learning
Campus is open and all staff reports as usual.

NSU President’s Open House – Postponed
NSU Sports Programs/Events – Suspended/Cancelled
NYP Pub Crawl – Postponed

St. Mary’s School – Closed
Steel Magnolia Run – Postponed
Southland Basketball Conference – Cancelled

To add or change any item to the list, please email the information

13 thoughts on “COVID-19 Closures: The List

  1. Well u arent ghe plants closed Martco Alliance and conagra they have a lot off ppl wrking so wt will they do about them…..

    • So they dont care about people working in plants we could be exposed to it we work around more than 50 people more than 10 so or it dont matter about us thats in production …..could someone explain

  2. So, expose our teachers to the virus and when it’s safe for students to return; the teachers will then become quarantined getting treated.
    My understanding is they are to spend this time cleaning. I feel everyone cleans on different levels. The NPSB needs to out source cleaning so the correct products and equipment needed to implement a safe environment for the return of the children.

    • I really don’t understand the urgency to “clean”. The virus lives for 3 days on surfaces. The children will be gone a month. If they remove the employees as well, then the germs will die on their own. Are the teachers who have children expected to bring their children with them? or find babysitters? How will having the teachers continually bringing in new germs make the cleaning work? Every time someone enters a room, including the teachers or janitorial staff, now you’ve just brought more germs in. Common sense isn’t so common, is it?

  3. I would much rather you sent them home WITH pay. This wasn’t their fault and they have a family and bills to pay too.

    • Because they are being paid. There are many things teachers have to do besides teach would you prefer that we send them home without pay?

      • If that keeps them safe from getting or spreading the virus, or bringing it home to their family, then yes. I prefer we send them home with pay. They can work on lesson plans at home. They can take courses to keep themselves fresh. They can research fun ideas to implement in the classroom when school comes back. They can research ideas on how to deal with the kids missing so many days. There are many things they can do from home that will benefit the children later!

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