School Board sets up Feeding Program while students are out of school

Beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 any child who is 18 years of age or younger will be able to pick up breakfast between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 am. Lunch will be offered between 11:00 am and 12:30 p.m. Monday – Friday at 9 schools. Staff will be available during these times at the front of each school to provide meals to go.

Parents can simply drive through for pick-up or children can walk to the feeding site; however, children must be present to receive the meals. They do not have to be a student at the school to receive breakfast or lunch.
The following sites will serve breakfast and lunch Monday, March 16, 2020 -Friday, April 9, 2020:


Feel free to contact us at 318-352-2358.

20 thoughts on “School Board sets up Feeding Program while students are out of school

  1. This is NOT right! The Governor ordered the schools CLOSED!! NO ONE is to be interacting on the school campuses! School personnel are not to there either! The children should be HOME under the care of a parent or relative!! This is a very ill planned idea! What happens when someone with the virus comes daily to pick up a meal??? Or one of the lunchroom employees passes it to others ??? You are contributing to the problem of spreading the virus!! The children will NOT go hungry! Parents and neighbors will take of them for these four weeks!!

  2. When the Governor order the schools closed for a month, I think that is what he meant – CLOSED! I certainly don’t want anyone going hungry, but that wouldn’t happen! This is the South! Neighbors take care of each other when the family unit can’t! And neighbors know which ones really need the food, and which ones have the means to get their own food supplies within the home. Children should remain HOME ! No one should be expected to go to the School to prepare and pass out food! What happens when the virus is passed to someone during this process?? The School System needs to rethink this decision! Teachers and other employees should be home with their own children during this crisis, and parents of school age children have to plan for their own as well !!!!

  3. Personally I think its OK to do this, mainly because if everything was normal it would have been
    spent anyway, and the funds being mainly Federal, I think, would not be used on other things.
    Some of you make some valid points worth thinking about.

    IF someone on the school board is brave enough to post, I think the biggest reason they are doing this
    is because of Federal guidelines that mandate they do this or lose their funding. I might be wrong.

    • I believe that if the food is already there and paid for why not feed it to the kids that parents are making and effort for the kids to be there, I’m sure if they can feed the children on their own they won’t miss work to have them there to take advantage of the program. I have also been informed by a school employee that says if the food is not used within a month or 30 day period the food is disposed of. Can someone comment a little more if you know anything about this?

  4. Total waste of taxpayer funds. If a parent can drive their kid to school twice per day then why can’t they feed them at home? If the USDA has enough money to do this then they don’t need that much money in the first place. Talk about a scam on the taxpayer. And people bitch about the roads when we’re throwing money around as this. The priorities are all wrong in this Country, Parish and State.

    • Lots of this kids walk to school and ride the bus. Sad state of the world when we claim it’s a waste to feed kids.

      • And, there we go. This is not a debate on feeding the children, it’s about what is the best way. Please try to keep up, have an intellectual discussion, and leaving the silliness out of it. No one wants the kids to starve.

      • Last time I checked the buses would not be running so I guess the parent or guardian will be driving those kids to school for their meal. It is not a waste to feed kids it’s a sad state of the world when it’s not the parents or guardians responsibility to feed their children. Enough is enough the kids are the responsibility of their parents not the “village”.

  5. You shut the school down to STOP the spread of this virus and then you encourage god knows how many children to come twice daily for a sack lunch they won’t like anyways. They will now have to have their parents drive them to the school twice a day for this. And it all falls on the cafeteria workers. These parents can’t afford two trips to the school for two sack lunches. If they can afford the gas, why not just go buy bread and peanut butter?

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to offer meals to the students. But if the kids, parents, teachers, janitors and kitchen aids are still going to be filtering in and out of the schools everyday, what was the point of closing it down? You could still possibly have the same amount of people show up at once and be in the same situation as a full school. I also feel as if this system will be taken advantage of.

    • Like you, I don’t want any children to go hungry. They have come to rely on being fed by the school. I also see the same car making 9 different stops every day. Aren’t low income, qualified families already receiving food money? And before anyone starts in on people wanting children to starve during a crisis, you know good and well that this isnt the debate, so don’t even go there. This is a knee jerk reaction to feed everyone under 18 in the entire parish. (Are they to provide any proof of age or residency? Does this include private school students too?) I guess this is the same budget the system has in place for meals as if school were in session? Will private schools be contributing to this? Has the federal government given us grants to do this?

  7. So what’s going to happen with the parents that still have to work and have no one to keep their children?

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