Natchitoches: a case of COVID-19 in Natchitoches Parish

NRMC Press Release
March 22, 2020

In accordance with our commitment to keep our community members informed, Natchitoches Regional Medical Center has received confirmation of a case of COVID-19 in Natchitoches Parish.

Following all of our infection prevention and proactive CDC disease surveillance practices, NRMC treated and discharged home to self-quarantine a community member who has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. This expected outcome was based on the immediate assessment and presumptive diagnosis made by one of our local providers in an outpatient setting, who followed the State and CDC guidelines for testing. The diagnosis was confirmed today by the positive test result. During the patient’s entire stay, there was never a break in our isolation and infection prevention practices thus minimizing exposure to care givers and patients.

NRMC has a consistent record of clinical excellence, infection prevention and outcomes because of our team’s focus on high quality care. Again, this has been affirmed by being recognized as a Safecare Top 100 hospital nationally 3 out of the last 4 years.

As the spread of this virus continues to grow throughout the state and nation, and our knowledge of the disease expands, treatment and testing options are evolving. Working with the LDH, the CDC and our partner CHRISTUS Health, we continue to adjust our testing algorithm, associate screening, and protective equipment usage.

NRMC has continued to fully operate even while stopping all elective and non-emergent procedures in accordance with the LDH directive.

It is our plan to continue to update everyone in real time as we learn more in the coming days. Please support our healthcare community by complying fully with Governor Edward’s Stay at Home Order.

16 thoughts on “Natchitoches: a case of COVID-19 in Natchitoches Parish

  1. Wanting to know who it is, and where they live, and where they work would be no more helpful than following the guidelines given. Stay 6′ away from others, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, STAY HOME unless you are one of the ones on the front lines, follow all the guidelines given by people who know how to avoid this virus. That’s all you have to do to stay as safe as knowing who a person is. Another fact, knowing today who that person is, will probably change tomorrow as we don’t know who has been exposed. Just do what we all should to stay safe, then pray that you have done all you should, and quit fussing about knowing who has the virus. I believe the president and governor and mayors and hospitals and doctors and nurses are doing all they can. After all, who wants this mess on their watch.

  2. It takes years of testing and fail safes to make a vaccine. Any ‘vaccine’ they pull out if their pockets any time soon is suspect and I’m not an anti-vaxxer but there’s not a chance in hell I’m taking it.

  3. Uh… ever heard of HIPPA? Do you really want to release names? The people who are spazzing over all of this are the ones who will burn their houses down in the name of public safety. If you’re worried about who it is, look at your friends, see who’s missing and check on them. People, get a grip.

    • you are exactly right.rumor mongers,nosey people.Pray for others
      and worry about your loved ones.Always so much gossip around this
      town lets pray for each other.

  4. I was told that it was a black gentleman from Natchez and a worker st the Cancer Center here in Natchitoches.

  5. Agreed that it would be helpful to know that information but doubtful that is within the legal permit of the hospital to release personal data.

  6. I have read about the 1 case of covid-19 in natchitoches. There’s some information missing. Since the covid-19 started each case has had information
    about the patient. Like age,name,sex,location. I was wondering if I over looked that information because I surly didn’t see it. People settled stop the panicking and read about the cases in your area look for the information about the patient. I really think that since natchitoches didn’t have any cases when the virus started I they r pulling a scare tactic and to fit in with all the parishes that have confirmed it. Just another way for the government to thin out the population.

    • Patient information is confidential unless that person gives permission for that information to be released.

    • The article basically says someone, somewhere within the parish tested positive and the hospital is doing a great job. I’m sure they are but place of employment and area of the parish would be helpful

      • Definitely area of Parish and places in the parish for the last 7-10 days where they have spent time, McDonald,s Eal Mart or Saba lot

  7. Subject has been sent home for self quarantine. Is anyone back tracking whomever this individual has had close contact with.

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