10th Judicial District Court, Clerk of Court’s Office limit hours

The 10th Judicial Court in Natchitoches Parish issued an order on March 23 to limit office hours for the Court and the office of the Clerk of Court. Until Friday, April 10, office hours for the District Court will be from 10 am – 1 pm Monday-Friday.

A judge will be present during these hours for all matters including 72-hour bond hearings, arraignments of detained adult and juvenile arrestees, firearm transfer hearings, civil protective orders, child in need of care (CINC) proceedings, emergency child custody matters, proceedings related to emergency interdictions and mental health orders, matters of public health related to the Covid-19 crisis and other emergency matters necessary to protect the health, safety and liberty of individuals as determined by the court.

Until Friday, April 10 office hours for the Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court’s office will be 10 am – 1 pm Monday-Friday. All fillings of any kind and nature will be filed during these hours. Anyone seeking to file a Petition for Protection from Abuse outside these hours are encouraged to call 911 if in an emergency situation and file their petitions the following business day during these hours.

The Court may issue further orders regarding this matter as necessary to address the circumstances arising from this pandemic and will post such orders online at www.10jdc.com, social media outlets @10th Judicial District Court of Louisiana, and in the news media.