Local Teachers and Businesswomen establish Love Fund – Feeding our Heroes

Area teachers and businesswomen recognized the need to feed our local heroes as they report for work during this national pandemic of COVID-19. Effective March 23,2020 at 5:00pm Governor John Bel Edwards ordered a, “Stay at Home” order to assist in the mitigation of the spread of COVID-19 and to help flatten the curve.

Essential personnel will still have to report. With most of our daily workers having to stay home or work remotely, it does put our first responders at risk. Consequently, this pandemic has also devastated our restaurant industry. Being a college town, we now have lots of students out of work.

The funds generated from this initiative will be spent at local restaurants feeding our local heroes; firemen, law enforcement, healthcare workers and EMT/EMS workers.

“I just want the public to know that this is a way we can help our community and help support local businesses while providing assistance to those who are directly in this battle. I feel like so many people feel helpless and want to help in a meaningful way. This is just a great grassroots start,” said organizer, Kelly Dunn, Adapted PE Teacher, NPSB.

“This is definitely a time for us to come together as a community and be faithful servants in this venture to serve others and be stewards of God’s grace,” committee member, Julie Sers, Regional Sales Manager.

The local committee consists of: Alex Crowell, NSU Middle Lab teacher Alanna Nelson, LP Vaughn Teacher, Julie Sers, Regional Sales Manager, Kelly Dunn, Adapted PE Teacher, Micah Foshee, Marketing Assistant at BOM and owner of NFA, and Reba Phelps, Agency Manager at BOM Financial Services and School Board Member.

A love fund has been established at BOM Bank and deposits can be made at any of the branches. Venmo is also being accepted by each committee member. There is also a Facebook page for more information. Feeding our Heroes.

If you have questions about ways to help or want to sponsor a meal from a particular restaurant for a specific group, please contact Reba Phelps at 318-581-0427.