Statement from District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington, Sheriff Victor Jones, and Sheriff-Elect Stuart Wright

Statement from District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington, Sheriff Victor Jones, and Sheriff-Elect Stuart Wright:

Tuesday began the first full day of the ‘COVID-19 Stay at Home Order’ (, issued by Governor Edwards. As you can see in the order, most of us in the community should stay at home, except in the few instances listed in the order.

We are asking Natchitoches Parish citizens to take this order seriously and to adhere it. We must all do our share in defeating the COVID-19 virus. We can only succeed if everyone does their part to help in the effort.

Yes, this is an inconvenience and a temporary disruption in our lives. We completely agree. However, it is a necessary inconvenience that we modify our daily routine in order to protect our parish.

Fortunately, to date, the Conroavirus has not community-spread in Natchitoches Parish. That’s why it is so important that we work as a team to minimize the potential exposure. Let’s continue to be smart and follow the guidelines that are in place.

Also, while we are doing our part by staying at home, let’s also remember those who are on the front lines fighting the virus for us everyday. Medical personnel, senior center care givers, first responders, and law enforcement. Additionally, there are many in our parish who continue to serve us behind the scenes: Food preparers, grocery store employees, utility workers, and truckers who deliver the necessities we buy at the stores. There are so many people who we depend on everyday just to make our lives a little more comfortable. We thank all of them for their continued service.

In closing – Stay home. Stay socially distant. Wash you hands!

If you need to reach the Sheriff Office’s, please call 318-352-6432 or message us on Facebook. Please do not come to the Sheriff’s Office for any non-emergency service.

If you need to reach the District Attorney’s, please call 318-357-2214, The District Attorney’s Office is closed to in-person contact.

Thank you for joining us in our united effort to defeat COVID-19.

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