Letter to the Editor: I’m Angry

Dear NPJ editors, and readers,

I have ceased my weekly columns, as I said I would, but if the powers-that-be of the NPJ can find a little space for me on this topic, I feel compelled to speak. This is going to be short and to the point.

I am angry, bewildered and completely at a loss to understand the stance of the Democrats in Congress in blocking the administration’s stimulus package for individuals and businesses hurt by the changes to our lives because of the corona virus.

This measure, which wold pay carry-over cash to American citizens of low and low-middle income to get us over the hump, as well provide help to businesses that are being crippled, should have been passed days ago.

But the Dems are holding it up, as people die, because they want to include money for such things as airline pollution regulations, protecting illegal aliens, allowing same- day voter registrations, promoting minority banks, bailing out the postal service, providing money for the JFK Center for the Performing Arts and other such goodies.

Incredible. And they are too radical and too blind to see that they are surely committing political suicide.

Joe Darby

45 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: I’m Angry

  1. the stupid Democrats turned down the stimulus bill to help people
    yet Pelosi wants a raise . She needs to go !!

  2. I have my political beliefs, and they are mine, and something I don’t like being put down by someone who doesn’t understand why I feel the way I do. One thing I do know is there is so much bickering and stone-walling by Congress, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GETTING DONE!!! I don’t much care whose fault it is as being cried out by all the posts above. It’s time for the blame to stop and the work to start. Why does the fighting have to continue, are we not adults? I’m to the point now of term limits simply to stop the power grabbing, though it will also get rid of good people in Washington. The ones in office now are the ones we have to deal with. If you don’t like them, show your dislike at the polls, but please stop the name calling, and encourage the people in office to work together right now. This quarantine has everyone up in arms, and the problem didn’t start in the USA, but as an individual who can’t even go to the grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread or gallon of milk because I’m in double jeopardy, I want a solution found, and it can’t be found by fighting. Grow up and try to share information that might help. There is entirely too much hate going on here, too much blame, too much mouthing off. I understand that people don’t agree on things, but what I don’t understand is why in a situation like this, people can’t come together and find a cure and a solution to further problems. That’s my take on things, and if you agree, thank you, if you don’t agree, I really don’t care.

    • Congrats!! To you that is exactly how things should be. You are absolutely right. God Bless You!

  3. Check out the House Democrats’ $2.5 trillion Covid-19 bill, HR 6379, Take Responsibility for Workers & Families Act. It includes 300 million for violence against women, 100 million for Juvenile justice system, paid leave for temporary census workers, 1 billion for broadband access to low income persons, 158 million to Bureau of Indian Affairs for education needs, millions to Geological Survey for biosurveillance of wild life, 300 million to Nation Endowment of the Arts and another 300 million to National endowment of the Humanities for general operations, 1 billion to Head Start, 2.5 billion to Community Service Block Grants, 100 million for runaway youth programs, 2 million for domestic violence hot line, funding for aviation fuel storage, assistance to airlines to purchase more fuel efficient airplanes, bail out of the U.S. Postal Service, same day voter registration, early voting, postage prepaid absentee ballots, require votes cast at incorrect polling places be counted, ease voter registration, child care for Federal employees, weather leave for Federal employees, purchase of low emission vehicles, ease Earned Income Tax Credits already the most fraudulent tax program, assistance for dairies, union work on Federal time, etc. The list goes on and on. The Democrats have shown their lack concern for the public by taking this opportunity to load the bill with items that have no relation to the current health situation. It’s all in black and white in their bill. You can read it for yourself. I don’t know how many of these provisions are worthy of tax payer funding, but I do know that the Democrats are trying to get their pet projects passed on the back of an emergency bill.

    • And those are bad things? At least they aren’t tax breaks for the more than wealthy. If McConnell would’ve taken up some things (in other words, actually done his job) that wouldnt have been necessary. There are over 400 bills sitting on his desk to be voted on in the Senate.
      Blind eyes wide open, ears shut to truth, mouths gaping and loaded with lies and vulgarities of all kinds. WH ranting tweets.
      Thanks again to Retired Veteran for your sage words.
      Stay well.

      • No those are not bad things,but it’s not doing any to help the current situation we are facing! And if you can’t see that 300 million to nation endowment to the arts is a democratic bs money grab them go get your temp check you have fever or one hell of a case of TDS!

      • I’m not sure I would refer to them as “bad things.” I do believe they are “pork” and do not belong in the biggest spending bill in the history of the world, a bill with the purpose of helping workers and families hurt by this virus. This bill should address the virus issue and nothing else. Extending funding for the Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program might be a good thing, but let’s discuss it and some of the other questionable items at another time so we can move on the urgent issue. Go Navy.

  4. My dear folks …….. do you see what’s happening here? The devil is having a hay day with all this anger and disagreements!!!! At the end of the day we are all still humans, Americans. Our race or gender doesn’t matter, we are still Gods creation. This is what the devil wants is us like this and not seeing the bigger picture. We need to be praying for each other and helping each other. We can always agree to disagree that’s fine but no need for being ugly. We are never going to all agree on things. We should draw from each other’s differences. It’s not a perfect world and neither are we. None of us know everything that goes on in Washington but we can pray for them. The greatest commandment is to love one another. I don’t agree with all of you and that’s fine, it’s normal, but I’m not going to be ugly or disrespect you. Y’all take care, stay well and stay home.

  5. I am amazed at the number of good & decent people that have ruined their lives, ruined their reputations to be part of Trumps.
    To cover up for him, to change or make excuses for his language his words, his demeanour, his behavior. The way he talks to and about other people. The way he treats people that don’t agree with him, or that he does not like.
    People he does NOT even know.

    I am appalled at the amount of truly good Christian people that have been sucked in or bought into trumps way of life, his filth, lies, and abusive behavior.
    So much so, that many have traded their Christian values & Christian way of life. They have given up their morals and their values, to accept his standards of behavior. They accept his crude language and behavior, his lies and deception and even make excuses for his way of life and behavior. Deny, defend and deflect. That’s the Trump way of life.

    I am also surprised at the amount of people that have been willing to trade their honor and decency,
    for money or power, that he has made available to those that are willing to accept his standards. Some accept him because at the very least he is an interesting or comical politician. He is entertaining for them. Trumpsters have
    Refused to do the right thing. To call him out, to force him to act and treat people with respect. To speak to people like their are human beings.
    Do you really think that what he is saying and doing is the American way? The Christian way?
    Are you That amused and entertained in seeing trumps behavior that your willing to sacrifice your own morals and values ?
    To scarifice the honor, the decency the stature and dignity The American Presidency office holds?

    This isn’t the America that we grew up in and that people fought and died for. Do you really in your heart feel, that thats the way you want ALL Americans to act and speak, and treat other.
    Because you can not allow 1 person to be that kind of person and act that way and either not allow it or expect it from others. Especially from someone that holds the highest position in our country. We have had 45 presidents out of millions and millions of people.
    You don’t think or expect people of any day, past or present to behave or speak any differently than you do your highest leader. America’s example of leadership.
    Is it really how you want your children to speak and act? Your friends or family.? Your elders …..? Are you so bound to Trump that you can not say, I voted for him, America needed a change. But this it Not the change We needed, or wanted. This is Not the America, I want for my future, nor my children’s future.
    Trump followers have become as he is. They deny, defend and deflect if he is spoken illy about. It always becomes about someone else’s behavior, actions, decisions or language. They defend his actions, by changing the subject and pointing fingers at others, Obama, Clinton, The Democrats, anyone and everyone that does not support him or his philosophy 100%. They are Quick to defend him and quick to accuse others without regard the consequences of what he has said or done.
    It’s always deflect, defend, and defiance where Trump is concerned.

    If Trumps intentions were to disrupt and divide the American people. He has completed his agenda.
    He has managed to divide the Republicans, Independents and Democrats. The blacks, Hispanics and whites. The rich, middleclass and poor. And has disrupted American families.
    He has divided household’s. Husbands and wives, father’s and daughters, brothers and sisters.
    Absolutely, no one is void where Trump is concerned. You are either for him or against him. He won’t let you, nor his followers, have any ground in between. His followers regard him as a God, no one can speak ill of him. If you do, then you are Not a Trumpster. Therefore those people shall have what Trump says to be distorted, and it will be called “fake”.
    Defend, Divide, Deflect, that’s Trumps way.
    Blacks, women, minorities have all been brought back one hundred years.
    With Trump it is again, the “white mans world”.

    Trump reminds me of an antichrist. Doesn’t matter what he says nor what he does….those people that chose to Willingly follow him, to Willingly defend him.
    They Hear, repeat and change what he says, what he does, to fit their positive image of him, as he does of himself.
    For Trump and his followers there is No in between. For in His eyes as well as theirs. He is a God, therefore he does no wrong, nor says No wrong, in the eyes and lives of Trump and his Trumpsters.

    Look at the way he has lived his life, look at the way he has treated his wives, his family, his friends. Mercy sakes he has no friends. He cheated his family out of their fortune. He cheated on All his wives, and his children are nothing to him but pawns he plays to get his way thru life. They hold all his secrets. Every person that has had any dealing with him, has had to sign a NDA. You talk, I sue. See you in court.
    The campaign to make America great again, has destroyed what made America great to begin with.
    Her people, honesty, decency, integrity, Morales and Christian values.
    That is what made America great. We were Great. We were not perfect. But we were already Great. That reminds me of when the country was appalled when Michelle Obama said, ” for the first time in her adult life, she was proud of this country”. But it’s ok for Trump to say WE as Americans are NOT great.
    That only he can make the U.S. great, really !
    Really, LET THAT SINK IN

    When we let some one with such immoral standards, such wicked evil behavior change who we are, and how we treat others. When what we say and what we do, does not matter. Then we not only lost ourselves. We lost our Christianity. We lost our America.
    This MAGA he has created was all about him and what he could and will profit from HIS presidency. It had, nor has anything to do with helping the American people. It’s about making Trump look good and what he can profit from it.
    There is absolutely Nothing great about what We have changed American, and the American people into today. People should know it’s ok to say, I voted for Trump (as did i), but that I am extremely unhappy with the way he has things going/doing. Choosing him was the lesser of 2 evils. But it doesn’t make him or you less accountable for his or Your actions, language, or the way you treat or talk to about people that don’t agree with yours or trumps way.
    Voting for him doesnt make you any less accountable when you choose to Defend, Deflect and DENY the things he has done. The lies he tells, the accusations that everyone but Trump and the trumpsters are wrong and evil. Even if they were done out of ignorance, His or yours.
    If Trump or you think that everyone BUT Trump is lying, that The only news reporters that are truthful is Fox news. Then we are really in a bad way.

    In 2015 America’s wanted no more Clinton’s, nor that type of government.
    Well, in 2020 stand up for a great America. Do your part. Say, no more division, no more name calling, no more separating, no more lies.
    It’s Not just a white mans America, it hasn’t been in over 100 years. The blacks, the women, the democrats, the poor, are Not going away. That’s what and who helped make America great. NOT JUST REPUBLICANS.
    SHE and WE are great. Say no to Trumps way of life and government. Stand up and be counted. Do the right thing.
    And if you think Donald Trump has made America great.
    Then you NOT only have let him deceive you.
    YOU have deceived yourself.

    • Thank God you got off your soap box…Make America Greater with President Trump and his Trumpeters…God Bless You!!!

    • It is nice to know of 1 more vote in the Dem column come Nov.
      Thank you for your oh so true words of truth. And thank you for your service.

    • I stop short of comparing him to an anti-Christ. But I’m glad to hear there’s someone out there saying what I’ve been saying since 2016.

      But don’t bother trying to explain anything to people who voted for and still support him. I’ve noticed they’re very sensitive about it and get angry and defensive about it real quick.

      And I don’t think it’s fair to say he was “the lesser of two evils” during the last election. Ask yourself what our country would be like now if Mrs. Clinton had been elected. I heard her in a speech say, “We don’t need to make America great again. It’s always been great. What we can do is make America WHOLE again.”

    • I’m amazed a vet would think this was about our president! Guess you have seen the two vet bill blocked by POLOSI and the rest of the demos! Oh and one was to house homeless vets!

  6. What has he done in office? Lie? It’s a Democratic hoax? Nope. This badministration completely ignored this growing pandemic in January, in February and now trying to wriggle free from the (again) mistakes (to put it nicely) that are continually made. Completely ignoring the Intelligence community and believing a foreign government (again) over ours. It is pathetic and may be criminal to continue to hide facts and lie to the American people about a threat, a serious, real threat to the community. It involves lives. Lives of real people, Democrats and Republicans. I hope you can learn truths. I hope you will stay home unless you need to shop. Wash your hands. Safe distance. I wish you well.

  7. I’m not on fb or twitter. Never have been. Never will be. I get my news from real news. I fact check through several reliable sources. Self distance. Louisiana is in the news and not in a good way. Stay home at least til April 12 or until Gov Edwards lift the order. Self distance. Wash your hands.

  8. Republicans: It’s the Democrats fault!

    Democrats: It’s the Republicans fault!

    Both sides will never give to the other and will only believe they are right. Most morons will only base it on stuff they read on Facebook. Both sides are to blame. Our government is a joke.

    Out of 330 million people our choices for President in November are 1) The worlds biggest egomaniac A-hole 2) A Communist 3) A creepy old man that can’t speak in coherent sentences and can’t stop fondling, touching, smelling women inappropriately.

    You would think we could do better.

    • Democrats are the ones who are blocking the money to help out this
      country and the people over some petty fight.

    • I assume the creepy old man you are talking about is HIMSELF. Yes, he doesnt speak in coherent sentences and has molested how many women? But I didnt put him there. I didnt realize Putin, the communist was running here. I saw that someone else was talking about the swamp. This badministration isnt a swamp. It’s a cesspool. I live in the swamp. It’s very beneficial. It is full of life, smells pretty good actually and is never ever fake.

      • But you can’t swim in the swamp because of the alligators!

        Are you saying HIMSELF is the creepy old man? I thought he was the world’s biggest ego maniac. Are are you saying Mr. Biden is a creepy old man? I’m confused. And I believe Mr. Sanders is a self-confirmed socialist. There’s a difference between socialism and communism.

  9. Here we go blaming Boomers for being ill informed. Wow being a Boomer had so many benefits over the years. Now just chastise us and shove us to the side.

  10. HIMSELF and Mnuchin wanted to be in charge of how the 500 B got disbursed. Um, no. Not sure why this badministration should worry about big corp instead of the people that actually do the work. Oh, maybe because that’s where he gets his cabinet members. Bought and paid for. Maybe Repubs should take back the huge tax break given to ultra rich. It would definitely help right now for folks that really need the money. By the way folks, you do need to shelter in place. Stay home. Our state has the 3rd highest increase for our population size. This pandemic doesnt care if you are Dem or Repub, rich or poor, black or white, old or young. Help your neighbor. Stay home. If you have to go to the store, ask your elderly neighbor if you can shop for them. Leave it outside the door. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. America is strong. We will overcome this together. I wish you all well. Be in good health. Please use common sense.

    • Maybe the DEMOCRATS shouldn’t worry about the JFK center,cell phones and planned Parenthood with people dying. You want a group of idiots taking care of our elderly who wants to spend our tax dollars to kill healthy babies! ANYBODY THAT SUPPORTS DEMOCRATS IS A IDIOT!!

    • Amen— I agree use common sense , stay inside, stay connected with family through text, calls &
      face time , Help your neighbors from a distance , remain positive ( we will have our weak moments but it’s ok, ) and keep praying and trusting in God because you can and will always find peace and comfort when you turn to him -🙏🙏🙏🙏
      Most of all pray for the entire World to heal and recover from this Crisis!! We have to continue to move forward the best we can and know how… get up and do positive things for yourself and for others. We can all make a difference in some way!!

  11. The president and congressional leaders have been working steadily to move this along. However, over the years, members of both parties have been known to insert items of personal concern into many bills. It is part of democracy, allowing everyone input. Speed is important, but so is our democratic process.

  12. It’s great that YOUR ANGRY, about the stimulus package NOT having been passed already.
    But BE ANGRY, at the right people.
    If Republicans were NOT TRYING TO PULL A FAST ONE, then blame Democrats for the bill Not passing.
    NO ONE in their right mind would have passed a stimulus bill that ALLOWED 500 BILLION DOLLARS unaccounted for, to be just given to ONE PARTY, be it Republicans or Democrats.
    If Obama Administration had wanted to pass a bill with 500 Billion Dollars free will money for Obama to spend at HIS WILL. REPUBLICANS WOULD BE YELLING from their penthouses.
    And absolutely NONE OF THOSE ITEMS you mentioned are in the bill.
    PEOPLE STOP PUTTING OUT CRAP THAT AIN’T TRUE, just because your of the opposite party.

    • First off, we would not qualify for the stimulus and we’re seniors, but if we did and needed it like a lot of people and businesses do then yes it angers me that the Demorats would stop it. They care more about illegals and killing babies. If you vote these POS back in then you’re just as crazy as they are. It’s time to drain the swamp people. As far as Obama, he did a LOT of things in office undercover and underhanded that either he or his people would benefit from not counting all the vacations the Obamas took along with dozens of family and unnecessary staff. I’m not saying that he’s perfect but President Trump is the best thing for this country since President Reagan. They both really love the country and people and trying to do what’s best for it/them, but all the demorats can do is criticize, block, and try to ruin him. Thank God for him and for being a very strong man. I have held my opinion for a long time and sick of hearing how bad OUR President is but the the demorats are always so mistreated and not reported or criticized for their wrong doings. Wake up people before it’s TOO late. He is not the enemy. He loves this country and it’s people and only wants what’s best for it. God please have mercy on us all. And yes, I am entitled to my opinion just as you are so no nasty replies.

      Fed up American

    Early reporting is saying that a Senate deal has been reached. 2 TRILLION dollar stimulus. Not surprisingly, none of the issues raised in this letter are in the bill. This is what happens when boomers have nothing to do all day, but play on the Internet. Believe half of what you see, none of what you hear, and less than that of what you see shared on Facebook.

    • It’s RUDE to say “OK BOOMER.” You can dispute what he said, all day long, but you do not have to be rude. That bill is 1119 pages long. Have you read it? After you read all 1119 pages, come back here and elaborate on exactly what all is in it. Thank you.

  14. Maybe you should read more than just FOX News when coming to an opinion as silly as yours. The bill that was shot down by Democrats was due to the fact that it was basically giving the middle finger to lower income families that need the money more than anyone. Also, this stimulus package was advised to the Republicans in power weeks ago by a Harvard economics professor and was cast aside because they thought it was a silly idea. Read some other sources before unnecessarily spreading more political descent in a time of struggle for the whole world.

    • Says who. Where do you get your news CNN the most liberal bunch ther is. President is doing a great job and the democratis in the house and senate are the ones to blame. I have been watching both the house and senate as they prepare to pass the stimulus package. I have seen senators fighting mad over the stupid items that were placed in this bill. That had NOTHING TO DO with helping our country during this time and when Nancy Pelosi has answered she sputters and talks out of both sides of her mouth. Watch the action and you can learn for yourself the trith and you won’t have to depend on a news network!!!!!

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