Red River Resident Tests Positive for COVID-19

The wife of the founder of Abbie Lane Retreat in South Red River Parish is hospitalized following her testing positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Wayne Spears is asking for prayers for his wife Nancy.

Wayne Spears is now self-quarantined at his home. He talked with The Journal this evening and gave permission to use their names. Spears said Nancy Spears has been ill for some time. She was seen by a doctor in the Shreveport area who had the test performed. Following the positive result, Nancy Spears was admitted to the hospital.

Spears said, “We are asking that everyone pray for Nancy’s recovery. I have contacted my friends to spread the word that we need their prayers.”

The Journal asked Wayne Spears how he was doing. “The doctor thinks it is likely that I may have it also,” said Spears. Spears coughed several times during our conversation. He said, “The doctor said if I developed symptoms in addition to a cough that I would be tested also.”

Several years ago Wayne and Nancy Spears retired from the ministry. They moved to Red River Parish and established Abbie Lane Retreat. It is a place for members of the clergy to find a place of rest away from the stress of their pastorates. Abbie Lane is built on 80 acres and is a relaxing place with trails leading to over a dozen prayer gardens. Easter Sunrise Service has been held there for the past several years.

Speaking with Wayne Spears he said, “We knew it would probably come to this area. I never thought it would be Nancy.”

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