Campbell Says More Internet Service Coming to North Louisiana

More federal dollars have been set aside to pay for expansion of high-speed internet service in North Louisiana, and Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell is urging broadband providers to apply for the funding.

The “Rural Digital Opportunity Fund” of the Federal Communications Commission helps bring broadband service to rural, unserved, or underserved areas of the United States. The FCC has allocated $20.4 billion to be spent over the next 10 years, with the first phase beginning in 2020.

Phase 1 calls for 627,000 new internet access points in 45 states including 182,458 across Louisiana. Of the state’s allotment, more than 79,000 new spots will be in the 24 parishes of North Louisiana that comprise Campbell’s LPSC District 5.

“The addition of 79,000 new broadband access points will be welcome news for the residents and business owners in North Louisiana,” Campbell said. “Much of our education, health care, and commerce is conducted on-line, so reliable, fast and affordable internet service is needed in every household and every community.”

These new internet locations are in addition to the nearly 55,000 homes and businesses in North Louisiana made internet-accessible by the FCC in 2016-2020 as part of its “Connect America” program. That previous FCC effort, coming to an end this year, helped fiber, wireless and satellite internet providers meet the need for broadband service in unserved or underserved areas of America.

By the end of this year the Connect America expansion was to have made 54,580 homes and businesses in PSC District 5 eligible to receive high-speed internet service. Three providers — AT&T, CenturyLink and ViaSat – received FCC funding.

“I’m pleased that the FCC is continuing to reach out to places like North Louisiana, where we have more territory unserved by broadband than other parts of the nation,” Campbell said. “All of the 24 parishes in my district are seeing growth in broadband.

“This development should continue until every household, business and institution in North Louisiana can get affordable and reliable broadband.”

Connect America supported broadband service delivered by fiber, wireless and satellite technologies. The FCC requires that customers receive minimum download speeds of 10 megabytes per second and upload speeds of 1 mbps.

The FCC also mandates that rates are “reasonably comparable” to rates in urban areas. AT&T proposed a monthly charge as low as $60 for locations made possible with Connect America FCC support.

8 thoughts on “Campbell Says More Internet Service Coming to North Louisiana

  1. I have been working “in home” since 2008. Since I live in Cloutierville, the only high speed internet service is by satellite.

    In 2008, the satellite company was Wildblue. Wildblue subsequently sold out to Exede, and Exede was acquired by ViaSat a couple of years ago. ViaSat was supposed to be an improvement but someone forgot to tell them that. The service has deteriorated to such an extent that in the afternoon, if you can connect and download at 1 or 2 MBPS, you are extremely lucky. And this is with the top of the line package, which I have, since I rely on internet connectivity for my livelihood.

    I noticed that three providers — AT&T, CenturyLink and ViaSat – received FCC funding. The FCC requires that customers receive minimum download speeds of 10 megabytes per second and upload speeds of 1 mbps. Thus far, ViaSat has not come close to the minimum download speeds.

    I am not complaining about ViaSat being one of the companies that received funding but someone needs to oversee them and make sure they are living up to their agreement to provide decent download speeds.

    Just the views of someone who lives out in the country and who hopes for better times.

    Michael Joe Bonnette

  2. Hopefully provencal gets better wifi we only get satellite and its horrible we cant have a small family on wifi or anything

  3. All I can say is “THANK GOODNESS” finally. We live in East Natchitoches, not far out of town, and our internet service is like dial-up. SLOW, SLOW, SLOW!!! I’m so tired of all the promises and nothing being done. Once we were charged for all the extras, and sold the equipment, and then found that none of the extra bang for the buck ended at the river, none was available where we live. I don’t understand why houses just past WalMart don’t have better service and can’t get better service. I realize some areas around us now have better service and those areas are not far from us, and I’m happy for those folks, but I’m tired of the slow service, and all the other headaches that come with lousy service. PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Good Afternoon! My name is Stewart Carnline and i’m with EpicTouch, formerly CP-TEL.

      We service many houses past Walmart with our fiber-optic service.

      If you want to email me at I would be happy to take a look at your service address to see if what we might be able to offer you.

      • Stewart. Do you know if this expansion will give you guys some money to expand. I’m on the back of St. Clair LITERALLY 100 meters from where you guys end. 🙁

        • Good Afternoon, Eddie. Unfortunately I don’t have any specific answers on this at this time. We’re researching more information on this and we will certainly pursue any opportunities that we can with this offering.

      • Can you service 137 bills Rd. Lot 20-A Natchedotches, la. 71457. Looking for internet service. Thank you. Mr Stewart Carnline

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