Natchitoches resident asks community to participate in Trash Tuesday and help clean up city

Natchitoches resident Danie Habig is starting an initiative to get the community involved in beautifying the City and surrounding areas during the coronavirus outbreak.

Activities like walking, biking, running, and boating are considered safe as long as residents practice social distancing. It’s Danie’s hope that everyone can come together for Trash Tuesdays and pick up litter along the route they take. If everyone participates, each bit of effort will go toward a sense of community while they’re all locked away in their homes.

Danie came up with this idea while boating on Cane River. She saw the amount of trash on the water and on the banks. Her plan is to get people to rally together to do something about it while they have the time.

“Let’s make Natchitoches pretty,” she said.

During this time the trash will be collected more frequently at the Washington Street and Shell Beach Boat Launches if you’d rather not bring the trash you collect back home with you. Please set the bag of trash you’ve picked up near a bin on site. This setup is only for people who are participating in the Trash Tuesday initiative. Please do not leave any personal trash at these locations.

Also, with the donation of trash bags by Red’s Ribs, Danie has them on hand when needed. Call her at 318-228-3910 to schedule a pick up at Cane River Kitchenware. The store is closed during the outbreak, but Danie will be there daily from 11 am – 4 pm renovating floors.

Post a picture as you collect trash and use the following hashtags:

#alonetogether, #trashtuesday, #natchitochesstrong, #gonatchitoches. #golocal

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