Cell phone data shows if residents are adhering to quarantine

According to the World Health Organization and the CDC, social distancing is currently the most effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19. A company called Unacast created an interactive Scoreboard, updated daily, to empower organizations to measure and understand the efficacy of social distancing initiatives at the local level.

Unacast is building a future where precise and verified human mobility data helps organizations do well and do good. From driving business strategies to tracking infectious diseases, the company aligns itself to the goals of its clients for the shared benefit of the global community.

The Scoreboard grades states and parishes within in each state with letter grades from A-F based on data collected by tracking cellphone GPS data. This shows in residents are truly sheltering in place, or if they’re travel patterns indicate otherwise.

St. Bernard Parish
East Baton Rouge Parish
Jefferson Parish
Sabine Parish

Natchitoches Parish
St. Martin Parish
Winn Parish
Claiborne Parish


27 thoughts on “Cell phone data shows if residents are adhering to quarantine

  1. People are dying EVERYWHERE and some of you are so damn caviler about it! WHO ARE YOU GOING BLAME WHEN YOU TAKE IT HOME TO YOU FAMILY? Let me guess be a big eye roll a shrug of the shoulders and a big oh well!

  2. I think Natchitoches is in for a big surprise when those test results come back. It’s easy to not have many cases if they aren’t testing. 37 people met the criteria for testing yesterday and that is in only 2 hours of testing. I firmly believe the testing needs to be ramped up quite a few notches.

  3. This article is basically an advertisement for a company that sells cell phone tracking data. There is no government connection to it.

    • If the information is given to the government it is violating your privacy. I never gave them permission to track me and give/sell that information.

  4. Agreed, many people in Natchitoches have to go much further for just essential supplies and for essential jobs. Very bad use of analysis.

  5. if stores would keep stuff stocked up you could save trips to stores. if there isnt a shortage on things then walmart and stores need to order more because when have to go so often or more stores just trying to find stuff you need it adds to it.

    • If people weren’t hoarding and panic buying there wouldn’t be empty shelves. The pipeline is empty due to this and it takes time to refill. Warehouses only carry so much of anything. Every part of production right now is stressed to a breaking point. Going to get worse before it gets better.

    • Well if everyone would stop panic buying and hoarding things stores would have enough on shelves to last till the next delivery. It takes time for trucks to get places, pick up loads, get back to drop off point and unload their loads. So blame the hoarders and panic buyers.

    • There is a shortage on some things, David. But these stores saying customers have to limit how many of an item they buy are not enforcing it. Otherwise, I have a hard time believing Walmart and 2 Super 1 stores ran out of toilet paper the same day the truck came in. Did that many people come in and buy only one 4-pack of t.p. between when the stores opened and 8:30 pm? Must’ve been a heck of a stampede. Wish I’d been there to see it.

      • Very good chance they got very little in if any. Walmart was getting in 2-3 gm trucks a night 6 days a week. Do I would imagine there being outed. Same with super 1 much smaller warehouse probably lucky to get any.

  6. I agree with Sonja, data only provides numbers but not reasons for going out. Grocery stores are open as are some other businesses. A person can go out but stay away from others. Did Unacast track people going to get tested yesterday? They were out. How about going out to restaurants to pick up food? Data can be deceiving.

  7. This is one of the reasons why my cell phone has location services turned off. We are not in N. Korea or China, and the govt has no business monitoring where we are and where we go. I personally adhere to the 6 foot rule and I limit my travels to what is absolutely necessary. If I need to go to Walmart for groceries, first I check the parking lot and if there are numerous cars, I go back home. Until there is a vaccine developed, avoiding crowds is the best defense, in my opinion.

  8. The plants haven’t shut down which requires folks to travel from their rural homes to work. Add in that a lot of folks from Natchitoches parish work in other parishes and are considered essential and that only dilutes the data.

    People are adhering to guidance that was put out. Along with the stay at home order were recommendations to go out and exercise. We have a HUGE parish with a lot of resources to go outside and hike and be away from one another. What folks should be concerned with is how close this is to an infringement of your 4th Amendment rights as far as using cell phone data to track your pattern of life.

    • What good is your fourth amendment right if you’re dead? PEOPLE are not following the guidelines set by the state and you will see this in a few days when the test results start coming in. The longer People refuse to follow the guidelines the longer this going to go on.

      • No need to panic Mike, life will go on even if I were to die. I am deemed ‘essential’ and do you want to know how much my life has changed since this ordeal? None. I go to work and home. I am one of the “PEOPLE” that, according to this article is not following orders. But guess what? I am, so once again the media has placed data out there and misinterpreted it to instill fear in people.

        If I get it and die, cest la vie, if I get it and live, cest la vie. Either way, the remainder of the world will continue to go on. Like the flu, all of us will encounter this virus at some point in the future. Like the flu, this virus will also adapt over time. It will outpace our vaccines and there will always be a mortality rate tied to it.

        Make no mistake though, my 4th Amendment rights and all my constitutional rights matter immensely whether I am dead or not because someone in my family, and someone in my community will still live. I am do not live under the delusion thinking my life means anything, nor do I cling to a fallacy that I will live forever. The outcome of my life, like every other life on earth as we know it in these bodies, is death. The difference is I understand that is my outcome and there is no reason to fear it.

        Fear is as formidable an enemy as the virus, if not more so. Fear is why our stores are out of supplies, fear is why an elderly woman was punched in the face and killed because she wasn’t “social distancing” and placed her hand on a rail next to a seated woman in a hospital. Fear causes stress. Stress taxes your immune system, and well, if your immune system is compromised due to stress from anxiety and fear, are you any better off when you finally are exposed to COVID-19?

        Make a plan, set into motion a living will and finalize your last will and testament. Get your power of attorney’s notarized and filed. Plan your funeral. Verify you medical insurance coverage. Verify your life insurance policies. Get all your affairs in order just in case so your loved ones won’t have that stress on them.

        I sincerely wish you all the best,

        • Scott I have a compromised immune system already and I’m a diabetic on top of that. So to answer your moronic question No I will not be better off! You do realize that people in perfect health are dying every hour? So I hope you have all of you paper work inline. Apparently you think your are invencible to this viruse but your unfortunately you’re not!
          You seem to be as worried about possibly being tracked by an app. as much as I am of dying,so maybe you might be better off going ahead and turn yourself in before big brother tracks you down.

          • Mike,

            Not to worry, my affairs are in order. They have been for a long time. Such is life when you’ve deployed to combat as many times as I have.

            Please go back a read what I wrote carefully. Not once did I imply I was immune or invincible, in summary I stated that what will happen will happen whether you comply or not. None of us have control over that so it is a good idea to spend energy on things you can control. Doing so at a cost to individual rights and freedoms damns the future of our country no matter how this virus pandemic plays out. I’m talking big picture beyond the individual. But, somehow you missed that message.

            May you be blessed with health and peace,

            P.S. Big brother is the one telling me I am essential and must drive to another parish to work for them so I think I’m good.

  9. You can look at data, but this doesn’t give accurate details. What about people like me that’s going to work every day? What about people running to the stores for supplies and food? What about people trying to pay Bills? What about people checking on the elderly or disabled? Because I definitely seen in a difference in the number of individuals out and about here. Tell me what percentage is actually doing those type of things in comparison to just “being out”, then we can revisit the data🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. The people arw not taking this serious. But I bet since testing is being done in town now, reality will set in real SOON🤦🏾‍♀️😭

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