Heroes Feeding Heroes

On Monday, March 30, Natchitoches SWAT Team answered a different kind of call. There were a few sandwich trays donated by Subway that had to make their way to their chosen homes in the Campti area.

A local group called, “Feeding our Heroes”, has been utilizing every resource possible to bring warm meals to the essential workers who are still have to report everyday to ensure the health and well being of our Parish. When Assistant SWAT Commander, Jonathan Roberts read about the volunteer group he wanted to help and knew the team would want to help as well.

“After seeing the Facebook group pop up through my feed, I felt led to contribute to my community. I figured some of the SWAT guys would to help with whatever the group FOH needed,’ said Roberts.

At this time he reached out to one of the founders and developed a plan that would reach the North part of the Parish.

Roberts went on to say, “I think it’s really important in times of crisis that people do something positive, it makes you feel a bit calmer and more in control. I believe the act of giving just makes us feel better, it’s human nature.”

Feeding our Heroes has fed warm meals or desserts to seventeen locals groups that include; Firemen, City Police, Sheriff’s Department, Pharmacies, and various departments at Natchitoches Regional Medical Center.
“It feels as though we are a part of a collective effort, we are all in this together. In a profession where we often get thanks for being heroes, it’s nice to acknowledge other heroes, that sometimes get overlooked,” – Jonathan Roberts.

Feeding our Heroes is one hundred percent funded by donations. You can actually feed someone for as little as a ten dollar donation. The group is using local restaurants and businesses. For more information please visit their Facebook page or contact Reba Phelps at 318-581-0427.

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  1. Heroes Feeding Heroes It’s a real honor to have our first response teams out there in such a critical time as it is doing their best to help out in filling a heart and putting a smile on other heroes facesThe sacrifice you all does is so overwhelmingly appreciated by me to whom ever gets whatever it is that they are giving or getting. I’d like to thank the SWAT-group for everything they does. Also if there’s anything I can do to help out Please don’t hesitate to call. Y’all Stay Strongly Safe and Blessed!
    . #natchitoches#shoutout#sheriff-victor
    STAY SAFE!!!!!

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