Parish Curfew Enacted – Effective TONIGHT

Natchitoches Parish continues to work together as a team to fight COVID-19. It is important that each of us do our part: Stay-at-Home – Stay 6ft apart from others – No groups of 10 or more people.

In support of ’staying-at-home’ Natchitoches Parish leaders, President John Richmond, Sheriff Victor Jones, and Mayor Lee Posey have issued a curfew from 10:00 PM until 5:00 AM each day until further notice. No vehicular or pedestrian traffic is allowed except for emergency events or the operation of an essential business.

During the daytime hours, we strongly encourage staying at home and following the guidelines to remain socially distant.

Just like you, we all want to return to our normal lives as soon as possible.

That’s why it is so important for each of us to work together to defeat COVID-19.

45 thoughts on “Parish Curfew Enacted – Effective TONIGHT

  1. I don’t have a problem with curfew, but I do have a problem when an officer stops and you tell them why you are out only to take someone to work and they give you unnessary attitudes. You expect us to obey the law, teach them how to carry out the law instead of using their badges to intimidate people with their nasty attitudes.

  2. It truly amazes me how people will complain about anything, the curfew decision was made for the greater good of our parish. To help keep crime down…trust me ,our first responders are worn out. Just follow the rules and stop acting like you are above the law. Pretty simple.

    • if more people had common sense and do their shopping,work,go home
      it would all work.The other day I saw a whole family in Wal-Mart making a day
      of it..get in and go home ! I don’t think its rights for the government to tell
      us what and where we can go .I enjoy a sunday drive or a day trip.

    • H Authur when they do it will be everyone’s fault but theirs. When they go to court it will be They didn’t know,when they take it home and kill a family member they will make more excuses. Some people are just stupid and you can’t fix STUPID!

  3. I say there is nothing wrong with riding around in your personal vehicle, but really, is it that important that you do it after 10 pm? You have all day to ride around in your personal vehicle. Isn’t it true that the ones who want to break into homes, take things from your car and just scope out things in general are the ones who are really wanting to drive around at that time of night and later. Fighting this curfew by the local powers that be, is really fighting a battle for the ones you should not want to be fighting for. Just my thoughts on this.

  4. So this is to save lives? I guess the virus doesn’t spread between 5am and 9:59 pm. Someone please tell me how the law has a right to stop and check to see where I’m going without probable cause and a parish curfew doesn’t give that right. I have a right to be on the road ( especially on a state highway ). Unless everything is shut down and nobody has a right to go anywhere including “ Essential“ workers, then you can’t stop vehicles just for being on the road. As long as one privately owned vehicle has a right to be on the road then every vehicle has that same right.

    • I don’t know what good it does,but that’s what they say to do and it seems to be working. If people wouldve listen when this started it wouldn’t be what it is now!
      I don’t care of you people go around licking door knobs and cart handles at Walmart but don’t complain when things don’t work out for you.

    • I’m an essential worker, and I drive my privately-owned vehicle to my job. Not everyone drives a state agency’s vehicle around and certainly not to and from their home and their job. Do you have as much right to be on the road from 10 at night to 5 in the morning as a nurse or doctor? People are complaining about stores not having food or other supplies on the shelves. Who has more of a reason to be on the road during those hours: you or the worker who stocks those shelves?

      Where are you going from 10 pm to 5 am? Visiting friends? Bad idea. Or are you visiting them from 6 feet away? No handshakes or hugs? Are you a minister or deacon visiting a shut-in? At those hours? How rude. Riding around in your car, wasting gas, polluting the air we breathe because you’re bored? Watch TV. Read a book or flip through a magazine. Look through old family photos and laugh at what you used to wear. Do a crossword or a jigsaw. Surf the internet. Walk your dog around your yard. Heck, throw a ball for him to fetch. Give your spouse a break and do one of their chores. Get your tax stuff together. Communicate with your loved ones — we’re all under stress and could use a little reassurance. I can think up a dozen more things to cure your boredom.

      FYI, I kick butt at Pictionary and Scrabble, and I’m looking for redemption at Monopoly.

  5. Can anyone tell me what there is to do in Natchitoches after 10 any normal night? Now there’s absolutely nothing. As far as walking your dog in the yard,I don’t think the police are going to bother you. And just because we’re are reaching the curve doesn’t mean it’s over danger gone! PEOPLE are dying don’t you understand that? PEOPLE ARE DYING EVERYDAY! This is not over by a stretch! Walmart and Super 1 still full every day. Again ITS NOT OVER PEOPLE ARE DYING! Do you really want to take this home to your family? You are supposed to be adults act like it! One more time for those who don’t understand


    • There’s plenty to do here. Just ride down my block. Night before last, one of my neighbors had 8 cars in his driveway and yard. But then a lot of cars drive up to the house, and someone in the yard goes to talk with the people in the car for a while. They never pull into the driveway, and no one ever gets out of the car. I guess the young men living in the house must work night shifts because there are often social gatherings during the day. I see large dogs there sometimes, so all the young men must love pets. It’s weird because I don’t recall ever seeing a female there, but I could be mistaken. Young women these days often wear the same fashions as young men, and the way the hoods on their sweatshirts cover their faces, I can’t tell the boys from the girls. The clothes they wear are baggy, and they must frequently lose weight because their poor pants just cannot help sliding down. But I am thankful that someone cares enough to make sure their underwear is always clean.

      A few houses down, there were 12 cars in one driveway. Matter of fact, the cars spilled out onto the yard and the sides of the street. I used to think the people must have a prayer circle there a few times every week, but someone told me that is not what goes on there. I got the impression that my interest in the house and its occupants was not appreciated, so I guess I’d better keep my lips sealed.

      Does anyone remember that movie “Peyton Place”? Seemed so scandalous back then, but most of those things are just run-of-the-mill in our present time.

    • People die everyday bacause of slot of different things. They have already admitted to counting people that have things like heart attacks or others things like this and ifvthey have virus they say its what killed them when it didnt. The numbers are over exaggerated

  6. Why can’t everyone act like they have common sence and just stay away from people the virus can’t move without idiots moving it

    • Because it’s impossible for everyone to have common sense. How boring it would be in this world without people who hold on to the fragile hope that 10 dozen rolls of toilet paper will save them from the apocalypse.

  7. Please do something about the meth lab and selling of drugs in Goldonna of you want to do something to help!!

    • There are a few of these people in the detention center now, so I understand. It might not be from this particular lab, but any they shut down and lock the ones making and selling of the drugs is a step in the right direction. Report any info you have on that lab and maybe something will be done. Also, make sure the judges are doing what they should in the way of punishment when they find a meth lab. Get them locked up and make sure the judges set a high bond so they don’t get out so easily.

      • Judges have earned their seat on the bench and they are always weighing the individuals’risk to public safety vs restitution vs punishment vs criminal history+what the statute allows under LA law. They know what they are doing.

        • Then why did I see I young man with 5 attempted murder charges against him walk out of the courtroom grinning like he had put one over on the court system. They don’t always know what they are doing, I’ve watched it and I know it happens. In one instance it took well over a year for the judge to believe the dude was actually someone who should be behind bars. I believe we need judges on the bench who are more like Judge Cunningham. He is a judge who knows what he was doing. Not so much the ones on the benches now. I know the states sets a lot of rules about bond and so forth, but 5 attempted murder charges walking our streets. That is a little scary.

      • Well, of course people report everything they know. There’s no reason to be afraid that the makers and sellers of illegal substances will find out where you live, where you work, and what school your kids go to and then have a stern talk with you about possible physical harm to you and your loved ones. Right?

        And of course judges are doing what they should do in the way of punishment. Locking up offenders is the perfect way to solve the problem. There is plenty of room in our jails; none of them are crowded. And once a drug maker or dealer is confined in some jail, there’s little chance she or he will run into anyone they know or continue to sell or use drugs behind bars. And thank goodness there are good jobs for them when they get out, and they have learned their lesson. Going back to the kind of life they’ve been immersed in since childhood will no longer hold any appeal.

  8. wanna stop people,stop the idiots at Walmart who make it a family outing.
    get your stuff same some for others and go home !

    • I agree. Why are three generations of females getting out of a car at Super One? Why are teenagers running around Walmart touching things, giggling.

    • But I like going to Walmart. I hope one day to see one of those brawls I hear about on Insta-chat or Twatter. Or is Snap-o-gram? Anyway, I just hope I don’t see any crying children. I always feel like I should call 911 when a child is suffering any kind of trauma. But people tell me, if it’s not my kid, then “it ain’t yore business.” I though I was going to see one of these legendary battles the other day, but it was just some guy cursing out his girlfriend and threatening her with something she would get yet not want when they got back home.

  9. So, are y’all closing that stretch of I-49 that runs through the parish? Did anybody give ANY thought to this? Go read those statutes they cite. There’s plenty more mischief they can do under a declared state of emergency besides impose a curfew.

  10. If the governor’s stay at home order was obeyed and enforced, we wouldn’t need a curfew, people would already be home. I’ve never seen so many ignorant people in my life as in this part of LA. Stay at home means stay at your home, not stopping by to visit at mine and bring me your germs. People have this virus and don’t know it, they’re contagious before they show signs themselves. Stay at home. I went to Walmart once in March, took forever trying to make my way through the groups of people visiting. Are you people ignorant or mentally retarded? And a word to the ones who think it’s a great idea just to ride around, if you break down or in a wreck then you risk those that come to your aid. All the other states with early infection are showing improvement, but not LA, we’re getting worse, and it’s the peoples fault not the government, local, state or federal.

    • FED UP: Agree- A word to the wise, but you have heard some thoughts, perhaps unwise. The curfew is to save lives. It is temporary- beginning at 10:00 P.M,; NOT 10:00 A.M. Nothing is open at that time. Behave, be nice, be kind, smile, and live!

    • I agree 100%. If people would stop acting like a bunch of teenagers with Oppositional Defiant Disorder we’d be over this by now. Another word, take it or leave it…. IT’S ONLY A SELF QUARANTINE UNTIL IT ISN’T. Next time I hope they just send the military out, tell everyone to sit down and shut up. People get so much freedom they think they are running the show. I’m conservative. I’m for the people and I know my rights too, just like you all should. But I’m going to listen to the government and guess what, so are you. If you don’t like it, Mexico or Cuba will be happy to take you. Adios.

  11. Why do this now? We’re on the downside of the curve. This should have been done two weeks ago if they wanted to do something. Seems unnecessary intrusion by our local government

    • It is done now in order to keep in on the downside of the curve. If you read the numbers, we are not on the downside of the curve, as the numbers continue to grow. If people would just do what we are all asked to do, we would be doing better. Stay home, only go shopping for the absolute necessities, not just something that you want. Think about it. If you have children, and you decide you want to go get something to do to relieve the boredom, and somehow pick up the virus, but don’t know it. Then you bring it home to give it to you child, and it hits the child hard. You lose your little one to the virus and you have to bury that beautiful child, all because you wanted something to do. Get real about the serious nature of this. We have never seen anything like it, and we don’t take it serious enough, and people are dying because we don’t take the word of those who know, and those who tell us what to do to stay alive. Stop thinking we are being told what to do, and resenting that. Quit complaining, just do what needs to be done to keep us and our families safe. None of us like it, but a lot of us have enough sense to follow the guidelines to stay safe.

      • First this virus is being OVER EXAGGERATED they are padding the numbers on deaths and they admitted to it. Thousands of people die everyday of alot of reasons anywhere like asthma, heart attack and everything in between so now if anyone dies because of these other reasons andchave the virus they count it as a virus death . There are more people with it that have no or minor symptoms then that have it

  12. It’s bad enough that I am holed up in my house for what seems like forever, now they’re saying that I can’t go for a casual ride in my vehicle just to get out for my own sanity? This is getting to be too much government intrusion. How are we hurting anyone else with that simple activity?

  13. One more meaningless, unjustified gesture. How exactly does my riding around in my personal vehicle endanger the “life, health, safety and welfare” of ANYONE? If this is indicative of the caliber of your parish leadership, you need new leaders.

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