Rhodes sends best wishes to communities it operates in for Easter

While we all have struggled to find our new ways of life amid the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and Stay at Home orders, time has passed and days have come and gone. Lent will soon be over and Easter will be here Sunday.

Easter has a different meaning to us all, filled with family traditions, church services, our new Sunday best outfits, egg hunts, crawfish boils, and family feasts. Easter this year will be far different from years past, but that should not change our recognition and celebration of the holiday. While events like The Great Easter Egg Hunt at the Brittain home, a tradition running over 40 years strong, won’t happen this year and Church Services will be watched in pj’s from the couch, we will not lose sight of the holiday, it’s meaning, or our future as a community. It instead should shed more light to the true meaning of the holiday and its importance to us all individually.

We will beat this virus, and everything that goes along with it. Stay safe, stay strong, and enjoy this time with your family.

Happy Easter and Best Wishes,
The Rhodes Family