Cane River Brewing Company Produces Sanitizer for Essential Personnel

In light of hand sanitizer scarcity in the Natchitoches area due to COVID-19, Cane River Brewing Company sourced materials for, produced, and distributed hand sanitizer for the Natchitoches community earlier this month.

Inspired by other breweries across the country taking on similar projects and in search of a way to help, Cane River Brewing began working on the hand sanitizer initiative in late March.

“We have the capability and the equipment to make hand sanitizer, so it was a no-brainer for us to make the decision to create a product that keeps our first responders, frontline workers and Natchitoches community members safe,” said Justin Krouse, co-founder of Cane River Brewing. “Our normal operations have changed due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we our community is the center of our focus during this uncertain time.”

Cane River Brewing is also accepting donations to provide sanitizer to local organizations most in need, including medical facilities, nursing homes, pharmacies, first responders, and more. If members of the public would like to donate, they can contact the brewery directly or visit Facebook and/or Instagram for details.

From left to right: Mayor Lee Posey, Justin Krouse, co-founder of Cane River Brewing, and Edd Lee, director of purchasing for the City of Natchitoches.

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  1. Don’t forget the plant workers who still go to work every day – they ARE essential employees and heroes as well.

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