4 thoughts on “Natchitoches School District comments on closures for remainder of school year

  1. I am curious to see what the plan is in reference to student progression and what the effects of not holding standardized tests will have when it comes to federal funding for our school next year. This could have significant detrimental outcomes for our education system in the future.

  2. Although this is for safety reasons, I feel for the seniors. No graduation to celebrate etc. I have 2 grandchildren who would be graduating from college in May. It makes me sad that they have worked hard for years to be able to receive that diploma and I would have loved to have seen it all happen. Hopefully there will be some kind Of ceremony.

  3. As a teacher and a mother, I’m grateful that our governor made the right decision to protect our administrators, teachers, staff, families, and most importantly, our precious children.

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