School Board approves contract for new superintendent

New Superintendent Grant Eloi

The Natchitoches Parish School Board met Thursday, April 16 via an online teleconference. They went into executive session and then came out of it to unanimously vote to accept the resignation of Superintendent Dale Skinner effective April 19. They then voted to create a new position titled Superintendent Consultant at Dale Skinner’s superintendent pay rate. Dale Skinner was then appointed as the superintendent consultant. The board then accepted Skinner’s resignation as the superintendent consultant effective on June 30, which is the expiration date for his original superintendent contract.

The Board also unanimously voted to approve giving Linda Page a $10,000 stipend for her work as interim director during the months of February, March and April. She acted as interim superintendent on top of her duties as personnel director for the Natchitoches Parish School District.

The Board moved on to accept the superintendent contract in the amount of $123,000 for the district’s new superintendent Grant Eloi. The contract includes a $7,200 car allowance and two tax checks (amounts TBD).

Board President Billy Benefield then officially introduced Eloi as the new superintendent for Natchitoches Parish schools.

“I’m amazed at the beauty of this community,” said Eloi. “Board and community members have reached out and made me feel like a part of the community already. My wife, my children and I are excited to start this new journey. To parents and students, I just want you to know that this is your board and your district.”

7 thoughts on “School Board approves contract for new superintendent

  1. Mr. New superintendent please be strong and make the right decisions for the students. You are dealing with a bunch of idiots in the school board and this is a good time to clean house. We support you!!!

  2. I would just as happy with Linda Page! Infact, I would probably prefer her! She has been very effective and professional in her service to the system.

  3. Looking forward to a new era in Natchitoches Parish in hopes that Mr. Eloi has a vision that propels NPSB forward. So far I have been nothing but pleased with our school board and I hope that together they will make Natchitoches’ future bright.

  4. Why was Linda Page interim superintendent when Skinner was still there getting paid And why is Skinner even needed as a consultant if Linda is there?

    • Mr. Skinner’s health and decline became a factor in the last 6 months. Although he was going daily to meet certain procedures in hopes his health recovered, he still was in communication with his staff at the Central Office.
      Mr. Skinner is still under contract Until June 30 however; he has Sick leave built up that allows him to be off. During the time his health was challenged and Covid-19 issues arose and changed minute to minute; ALL of the Staff had to take on additional duties with Mrs. Page Stepping up to make sure things were in compliance and handled legally freeing the school board from later issues. The problem I have with your comment is, you fail to understand how a Team player gets things done. Sometimes it may be that you double up on duties even though it’s not what your job description reads JUST to make sure the ball keeps rolling. And during such time, it is legally, morally and allowed to compensate those that step up most.

  5. Assuming control of the district during this awkward shutdown period will be a challenge right out of the gate. Finding routine and normalcy will be difficult. Wishing this new superintendent the very best.

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