LDH Update for 04/19/20; Natchitoches: 57 Cases/1 Death

Defend Against COVID-19

Stay home. Follow the Governor’s Stay at Home Order. Only leave your home if it is necessary for essential work or for essential items. Click here to read the Stay at Home order that expires on April 30.

Defend Against COVID-19. Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Recognize the symptoms. Cover your cough. Wash your hands. Stay home especially if you are sick.

Maintain a Social Distance of 6ft. Social distancing means keeping 6ft. of physical space between yourself and others. This helps to prevent the spread of illness.

5 thoughts on “LDH Update for 04/19/20; Natchitoches: 57 Cases/1 Death

  1. I see on the national map that some states are listing the number recovered, along with number of cases and deaths. This would be extremely helpful, if each parish would give the number recovered. That would help to determine how many new cases, versus recovered cases.

  2. there is not sufficient supplies for testing according to most governors despite what the vp said on meet the press yesterday. He is either a liar or delusional

  3. Please help ,I would like to know:

    Where is there a testing center to see if you have had covid19 or antibodies against it?

    Do we go to this hospital testing center or is this just if you are sick?

    When can we get the test that shows us enough information so we make good decisions?

    Wear a mask, keep 6 feet, just stay home,

  4. So if testing is the answer to slow the spread of the virus why has Natchitoches reduced the testing? 2 hours per week doesn’t seem like much testing. That will keep the number of reported cases low.

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