Covid-19 related lawsuit filed against Natchitoches Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Natchitoches

A petition for damages (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW) was filed April 29 for Clara Rachal versus Natchitoches Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and two of its employees (Stacey Masters and Miranda Green, who were responsible for all day to day operational aspects of the facility including but not limited to providing a safe and healthy environment for all patient/residents including Clara Rachal).

The document states that NNRC holds itself out as a long term care facility “committed to providing loving excellence in senior care”…where “you can be assures that your loved ones will be in good hands”…and where your loved ones will “receive individual and specialized care to meet their healthcare needs from our compassionate and clinically trained professionals.”

Rachal claims NNRC, Masters and Green deviated from and/or breached its promise to provide her with professional care and breached and/or ignored the guidelines and recommendations of the WHO, CDC, Louisiana Department of Health, and common guidelines for taking care of elderly patients in a nursing home setting during Covid-19.

Rachal was exposed to the coronavirus and is currently fighting for her life in the Intensive Care Unit at the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center.

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  1. This is crazy, no one nor a business can be held accountable for this virus, an employee could be a carrier and never have the symptoms and never know they are a carrier one of their own family members could be the carrier that gave it to her this is absurd

  2. This is epidemic…everyone will get this, it may be mild, moderate or severe, maybe even asymptomatic which some will never know they have it or had it, even possible a carrier…the papers don’t really state how they neglected anyone…who is to say whom and where she obtained it from…it could have been mail she received or personal items, could have been her visitors or someone else’s vistors, vendors that have come through that door on a daily basis and the list could go on and on with scenarios…the world right now is fighting the unknown…lawyers will be coming out the wood works for these type of cases, cause there will be plenty…it’s a shame that so many are ready to blame when this is something unevitable…seeking justice is one thing for wrong doing but nothing sticks out in those documents or facts that state or show neglect…might want to think why are these documents are posted, to encourage others?I am truly sorry for the resident that is extremely ill including staff and dont wish that upon anyone…again at this time I see no fault from what was documented, this epidemic is UNEVITABLE people and the only thing we know or what’s best is wash your hands and keep social distance…and in a facility such as nursing homes, it’s impossible…maybe the family should have taken her home to give better care, but again she would be just as likely to catch the same virus with her family…

  3. SuSu feels compelled to reply to Foofoo on this issue. Lets look at the positive reasons to file a lawsuit against the nursing home. Perhaps the family feels their loved one was not getting proper care. If you feel it is the family’s responsibility to take care of Ms Rachal, you are in the fortunate position to have never had a much loved family member who is incapacitated to the point of your not being able to properly care for them. A lawsuit can draw the attention of the proper agencies to look in to the situation and determine what actually happened. Hopefully, the nursing home will be even more vigilant in seeing that this situation does not happen in the future whether they are at fault or not.

  4. Does anyone know how many other cases of Covid 19 have been found in this facility. Both residents and employees? I fear an all out epidemic there.

  5. This is horrible for the patient and the family. I also have a family member in a facility. Before the virus broke out we would show up unannounced anytime day or night to be sure they were being treated with the best of care. I have a question, was the state called? You know the phone number posted around the nursing home to call to report abuse or neglect or any violations? If so I would love to know their response. I wish everyone would remember no matter what our body looks like we are still a person. Our packaging is a little wrinkled an worn but we are still very much human and need love and attention. God Bless and be with all of you.

  6. Aren’t we all fighting for our lives in one way or another? I guess what started my opinion stating is that I have had to deal with a similar situation. But did our family sue? No we made other arrangements. As far as the NPJ statement fighting for our lives, look up yellow journalism before the next article please and thanks!

  7. Not going to argue with you , but how is suing going help the residents of the facility? Proper steps were taken by the facility to ensure the residents were taken by the staff. LA Nursing homes have to follow certain protocols in order to receive funding on State and Federal levels. Do you know how much it costs to house your Parents or loved ones at a facility? The amount for selp pay is astronomical. I assume you know this. For 6000.00 a month I could have put my parents up at a four star hotel with room service. Don’t blame the facility, blame the heirs for not taking care of loved one.

    • Yes, it’s ridiculous how expensive it is to care for someone in a nursing home. But this has nothing to do with what did or did not happen. I understand your frustration. Maybe you’ve been through the mix of emotions that comes from putting someone you love into a nursing home. But, unless you were there how do you know the workers were following the new guidelines? Yes, there are laws and protocols nursing homes have to follow, but that doesn’t mean every nursing home adheres to them. People get into a routine, and workers can sometimes be careless. That being said, unless you personally witnessed how the workers cared for Mrs. Rachal, it’s not fair to say this is a frivolous lawsuit. And unless you personally know this family, it’s unfair to assume they didn’t take care of their loved one. With the poor woman fighting for her life, it’s cruel to say such things about those who love her. Try taking a walk in someone else’s shoes, Foo foo.

      • They were not following the guidelines we weren’t even wearing masks when the virus came out it’s rat infected don’t put your family members in that place

    • I was not talking about how suing was going to help the residents, I was talking about how the
      Nursing home should be punished for knowingly not following protocols. The knew what they were supposed to do, they just didn’t care enough to do it. Suing will punish them if they don’t win the lawsuit. As for helping the residents there, I think that can only happen if the current owners and management team are gone and someone honest and caring among other things takes over. If a family cannot care for a loved one and they’re paying $6,000 and upwards for care for their loved one, then I say it doesn’t matter why their loved one is there, a facility is being paid to take care of them. My family has been in the situation where we could no longer care for A member at home, so we had to use a nursing home and we checked on him. He was still not treated with dignity & respect. So in my opinion, your argument is pretty lame. I wonder why you even argue, knowing that these people were ill with a virus that kills, and administration did absolutely nothing, other than hide facts. Is this your idea of how a nursing home should take care of its residents. These people should be ashamed for what they did.

    • You put a family member there as a last resort! You do it when you can’t give them the care they need! And for 6k a month you expect the best care possible.
      Now if you have a parent needing that kind go and put them in a 4 star you should have enough time to plan the funeral maybe! The stupidest post I have ever read here.

    • I had heard long before this that asymptotic employees were allowed to work after positive test results while at the same time residents were daily being sent to the ER

  8. This lawsuit is what Shakespeare’s most famous line is about. Mr Democrat should be suing the Communist Chinese who cooked up this little bio virus and spread it around the world. This is why people can’t afford long term care.

  9. Let me get my head around this…Ms. Rachal is fighting for her life and filing a lawsuit? Sounds like her heirs are looking for money…..

    • Foo foo, Mrs. Rachal is in NRMC fighting for her life. True, and your point? Her family or someone with POA is filing a lawsuit. True, and your point? My mother was in a nursing home, and they neglected her care, but not to this extent, so we only had a meeting where I spoke my mind and the words were not kind nor friendly. If my mother had been treated as Mrs. Rachal has been treated, or rather neglected by this facility, you can bet your bottom dollar that I would be filing a lawsuit. Not because I’m greedy and want money, but because I want that nursing home to suffer and the only way to make them suffer is to change their bottom line. I would do it in a heartbeat and I hope other families follow their lead. This facility needs to be punished for what they have put helpless elderly people through. Your statement is not at all what these people need to hear at this point, and I personally think you owe them an apology.


  10. I could not agree more with bringing to light with the things that these residents are exposed to. I had my mom there I would not recommend for anyone else to do the same

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