How public pressure and prayers are forcing the Natchitoches Community Improvement Foundation to “improve” itself

By Edwin Crayton/Opinion

When people hear that the Natchitoches Community Improvement Foundation (NCIF) still has not accounted for what happened to $19,500 in public funds they tend to shake their heads. When they further learn that  percentage wise, NCIF  has given very little of the 1.8 million that it is court ordered to give to citizens of Natchitoches, people are equally discouraged. Some may even be tempted to wonder if anything will ever change. But they need not be so discouraged, because the facts and documents show that NCIF has been forced to change some of its practices.  Yes, it is still mired in controversy. Recently it was sued twice. Also recently Leo Walker and Diane Blake Jones whose terms expired  in 2018 did not give up their seats in violation of term limits of the bylaws.  Walker even chaired  a meeting as late as January of this year.  Still  change has come to NCIF and will keep coming. Here is a quick review of what the foundation has been forced to change. The word forced is appropriate because the changes came only after protests, suits and spotlights cast light on their actions. Look at what happened before and after some form of public pressure and yes, prayers:

  • Before public pressure: Founded in 2003, NCIF was court ordered to distribute funds from a settlement resulting from a pcb spill in Sibley Lake in the late 1990s. But  few people in Natchitoches knew much about how  it all. Few knew how to get grants or how to get elected to the NCIF board. After public pressure: A  2014 suit by John Winston and Robert Jackson sought to open up the elections and bring the public into the process.  Although they lost the suit, they won their point and NCIF held elections in 2014 to let new members on the board and is required to continue doing so.
  • Before public pressure: Few citizens knew what was happening to the settlement money. After public pressure: A 2014 audit supervised by the court revealed that $19,500 in funds were unaccounted for. Although the funds are still unaccounted for, before the audit, such information was hard to obtain if you were a member of the public. Most people seemed to have no idea about these funds until The Real Views and later NPJ reported on this and showed actual documents from that audit.
  • Before public pressure and prayers: By 2016 NCIF had 1.8 million of funds that were designated to be given to the citizens of Natchitoches in the areas of education, recreation, housing and economic development. Yet it typically gave only $28,000 a year to citizens yearly and decided to only fund two areas a year. But things changed after public pressure and prayers: I know I prayed, they would open the purse strings and be more generous.  God heard those prayers. Even some of the board members commented on the need to give more. This year the foundation said it would give over $50,000 this year. But it remains to be seen if that will actually happen. I have at this writing no knowledge that is has happened.
  • Before public pressure: The auditor who did the audit in 2014 said NCIF kept “few records”. Transparency is very low at NCIF. Treasurer reports are verbally read. Oddly, no paper with figures is given to the public at meetings. People noticed. After its suit. NCIF was trained in 2014. Now it has become a 501 c3 organization. That means they will be required by the IRS to report their finances each year on form 990. Failure to do so will cost them their tax exempt status.  That is a form of accountability. But obviously even more needs to occur.

The point is it matters when you the public get involved. Apply for grants. Attend meetings. Give feedback. It pays off. Remember, it is your money. Not theirs. But only public pressure, prayers and your involvement can force them to remember that the money really is yours. To apply for grants or for information write NCIF, P.O. Box 606, Natcitoches, LA  71458. Meetings are quarterly. (Next one according to their bylaws should be scheduled for July 14, on second Tuesday of  that month usually at 7pm. Place is to be determined. Please check local papers. Write them for more information or to give comments and input.

Anyone who sees the good he should do and does not do it sins. –Book of James, 4:17, the Holy Bible


5 thoughts on “How public pressure and prayers are forcing the Natchitoches Community Improvement Foundation to “improve” itself

  1. great job ! Edwin. These people are crooks and in denial.
    this is embezzlement,how do you just lose $19,000 ?

  2. Seems to me an additional lawsuit is required to force elections and removal of the entire board.

  3. Always accurate on your reporting. I really hope CIF will do the right rhing. If now isn’t the time to put those monies to work for the community, then the money CIF received will be in vain. Why name it Community Improvement Foundation, when its doing everything but that??! Theirs not a lot of things for our kids as now..I don’t see how they’ve gotten away for so long.. Oh Yes, I certainly miss the REAL VIEWS. MR. Randy Stelly.

    • Thank you Ms Dorian! People like you should get involved! Sometimes real change is not easy.We need new and younger leaders! I think that I have paid my dues to this community! I don’t look for credit. I look for results!

  4. Great job Edwin and NPJ keep the pressure on! One of these days the foundation may see the light and do the right thing!

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