City Marshal addresses suspension of deputy over Facebook incident

To the residents of Natchitoches and surrounding areas:

It was called to our attention that an incident that occurred in the public domain involving Deputy Marshal Gary Swindle. This incident originated on Facebook on Wednesday, April 29. As a result we felt it was in our best interests to investigate further. At the discretion of City Marshal Randy Williams we were forced to take action. As of Thursday, April 30 Deputy Marshal Gary Swindle has been suspended without pay until further notice. We want to thank the public for reaching out and expressing their concern on the matter. The safety and well being of the public is our top priority.

– Randy Williams / Natchitoches City Marshal

7 thoughts on “City Marshal addresses suspension of deputy over Facebook incident

  1. People still working better realize the thought and language police are active on Facebook. If they don’t like what you think or say they will go for the jugular. This used to be a free country but was already going downhill before this virus. The virus has just made it worse, now the politicos feel comfortable issuing all kinds of totalitarian Hitleresque orders, shutting down businesses, etc., but don’t you dare think about shutting down liquor stores or abortion mills.

    • I just saw Mr. Swindle’s Facebook post. Such a bad reflection on the majority of our officers who aren’t ignorant and close-minded. Thanks for addressing it, Marshall’s Office. How long is he suspended? Maybe he should undergo cultural competency training. At least until he understands his “run for the border” comment is not geographically feasible.

  2. Oh my, this is like being in the military again. “Something bad happened, we took action. Don’t worry about what it was. But if you do know what it was, just be assured we took action and the consequences are significant.” Stay frosty my friends!

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