FAFSA Required for High School Seniors

The state of Louisiana requires all graduating high school seniors to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA for short. Since this a requirement for graduation, any student who has not completed a FAFSA will not receive a high school diploma. The FAFSA is extremely important as it is used for federal financial aid, as well as the application for state-approved TOPS and TOPS TECH scholarships. Students who do not complete a FAFSA will not be eligible for financial aid at post-secondary schools (colleges, universities, technical schools, etc.).

Career Compass of Louisiana works with Natchitoches parish seniors in completing the FAFSA. Representatives have been contacting seniors throughout the year in order to get this done. If your child is a senior who has not yet completed a FAFSA, and you need assistance in completing the FAFSA, please respond to any one of the e-mails or text messages which Career Compass staff has sent to your student. They will be at your disposal for help. High School seniors who have not yet completed a FAFSA have been sent school notes and/or e-mails by their guidance counselors. Once the FAFSA has been submitted, your child will receive an e-mail stating that the FAFSA has been successfully submitted. Please forward that e-mail to your child’s senior counselor.

Please have this completed no later than Friday, May 8th to allow for processing.