Parish President John Richmond, along with Mayor Lee Posey of the City of Natchitoches, Sheriff Victor Jones, Sheriff-elect Stuart Wright, City of Natchitoches Chief of Police Mickey Dove, and District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington have announced that the Parish-wide curfew, enacted in support of the shelter in place proclamation of Governor John Bel Edwards, will expire at 5:00a.m. on Friday, May 15.

On Monday, May 11, 2020, Governor Edwards announced that Louisiana will be entering into Phase 1 of the planned reopening of the state’s economy on Friday. In conjunction with the Phase 1 reopening, President Richmond, Mayor Posey, Sheriff Jones, Sheriff Wright, Chief Dove, and District Attorney Harrington jointly agreed that the curfew should be allowed to expire.


  1. Glad to see this unconstitutional and illegal order expire. When it comes time to vote again, we won’t forget who supported it…

  2. Keep the curfew people still not keeping social distancing big parties and not wearing masks in stores. People shouldn’t be allowed in stores without a mask. Also some employees still not wearing mask
    These stores are in Campti which is just three stores.

  3. Good. Police have the right to break up a party on Front Street at 11 at night, but absolutely no right to pull someone over driving a car. If I want to drive somewhere at night, it is my right. This isn’t a communist country…Yet…

    Still don’t understand how someone driving at night spreads Covid.

    • Right. What really going on the Nat is the only parish still with a curfew. What’s really going on. ?

  4. Absolutely unconstitutional. Elected officials indeed have the right to limit personal liberty in extraordinary circumstances, but those measures must meet very strict guidelines to meet the constitutionality test. This curfew order fails miserably. Want to bet that the imposed fines are never collected? Tough to justify if challenged in a court of law.

  5. Illegal and unconstitutional from the beginning. Zero basis in science to justify this huge overeach by local government officials.

  6. As A mother and a United States citizen. We need that curfew to help these young people because so much violence and they’re not giving a care. But they were listening to the guide lines with this curfew.. Why not help your people and keep it safe,But still stay your distance. Be safe and be careful because there’s only one Man that can guide us at this moment,is our ×FATHER× in Heaven. More Praying and Taking Care of One another will get us far. Giving birth at a time like this is scary but I have My Father in Heaven on my side. It’s scaring alot of people Till they are taking there lives and we as people should embrace our love no matter if we or in the house. The Storm Doesn’t last Forever,That Sun Always Come Out.. Keep The Curfew and Help Us Protect The People in Natchitoches because if we don’t WHO will. Our Governor or House Representatives are not looking out but just want the People to be Happy. What does it matter if there’s NOONE to look after for. Praying is the key. Thanks NICOLE HORN

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