By Bill Gordy

There is no greater recognition of a graduate’s achievements than a high school diploma. It has been a long four years, but here you are ready to graduate. So many individuals have played a part in helping you to achieve this milestone in your lives. Your parents have supported you in more ways than it is possible to count. Your teachers have tirelessly shared knowledge with you. Coaches, club sponsors, and community volunteers made school more than just classwork. Advisors helped you to find direction for the future. The custodial staff made sure you had a clean environment in which to learn and cafeteria workers kept your stomachs full with the breakfasts and lunches they prepared each day. The guidance department listened and tried to copilot you down the right track. Behind each one of you there were at least a dozen people providing support in so many ways. All of these people deserve a huge thank you for their roles in your lives. The best way to show gratitude is to make the most of the opportunities you have and go forward with the intention of making the world a better place.

How did the years pass so quickly? You began high school as children, but you leave as adults. It seems like only yesterday you were freshmen fighting with the locks on your locker. Trying to figure out where your next class was. Time measured in class periods. Days and weeks measured in semesters. Next, you progressed to your sophomore and junior years and shared special memories and experiences with your classmates. Finally, you were confident that you were ready to take over as the NCHS senior class of 2020.

Some of you will begin college next year, others will begin your careers. Each of you will travel your own path. No matter where you go or what you do, there will be challenges. Your individual successes benefit society as a whole. Imagine if every individual lived up to his or her own potential. Through hard work and perseverance of you have the possibility and the tools available to achieve that goal.

As you go out into the world as adults, my challenge to each of you is to do all that you can to reach your full potential. If each of the 266 students in this graduating class is able to do that, just imagine the effect on the world that you will have. I pray each of you are humble in your success and learn from your mistakes in order to grow and meet your full potential. I pray you all make the most of your precious lives. So for your last morning as seniors at NCHS: Let’s have a great day…GO CHIEFS!