According to Kris: How do we grow spiritually

By Kris James

Happy Wednesday Stylers! Two things I never speak about in public are religion and racism, so don’t worry this article is NOT about racism. It’s about the growth of spirituality.

While millennials may be leaving their family traditions for a variety of reasons, it seems that the desire for a spiritual outlet still burns brightly. Have you maintained the religion you grew up in, or are you searching for something that resonates with you on a deeper level? Do you ever feel a contradiction between a secular self and a spiritual self? If so, how do you balance those two sides? It’s okay if you ask yourself these questions.

I’m religious-less for now but open to anything that feels honest. I was raised Baptist and was baptized but I never quite felt comfortable in the church. And I have my reasons but while in college I studied multiple world religions in the hope of increasing my empathy toward worldviews that were different from mine. I realized that so many religions are about the same things at their core: being kind, believing in something bigger than yourself, and fighting for what you believe is good and right.

When I tell people that I meditate or burn sage and talk about energy manifestation, they tend to believe that I trust these methods to be real. That’s not necessarily the case, I believe that anything that makes you a kinder, more empathetic person and allows for deeper self-reflection is a valid practice. I’ve found my deepest mediations through conversations with loved ones. Horoscopes are fascinating and I have The Pattern app on my phone, but I don’t rely on the alignments for reasoning. Energetic awareness that helps guide or change a thought pattern can be very healing.

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