Girls Growing Gracefully leads students from elementary to high school

Girls Growing Gracefully is an all-girls organization that started on the campus of Natchitoches Junior High School for the 2019-2020 school year. The organization is sponsored by 7th grade math teacher Miss Aqunette Morris and 8th grade Math teacher Miss Shantonesia Below.

The mission of Girls Growing Gracefully is to assist in the transition from elementary school to junior high school, and from junior high school to high school. The organization focuses on structured activities and programs centered around teaching emotional and physical health, relationship and team building, community service, and school involvement.

Starting their first year in the club, the girls participated in an etiquette breakfast. The breakfast was hosted by Mrs. Tonja Whitaker-Prudhome from The Etiquette and Leadership Academy out of Shreveport. To help spread Christmas cheer, the girls also hosted a toy drive where toys were collected and partnering with L.P. Vaughn elementary, gifted the toys to the children in their school’s community. Bringing in the New Year, Girls Growing Gracefully sponsored a jacket drive, collecting jackets to help warm the hearts of the less fortunate during our winter season.

With all of their hard work and dedication to their communities, the girls also helped to promote the educational goals of their school. The girls helped to start a free after-school tutoring program in conjunction with helping to prepare their fellow classmates for the Leap Test. With the school year coming to an abrupt and unexpected close, Girls Growing Gracefully remained active in helping to keep their classmates working and preparing for the next school year.

Girls Growing Gracefully has 15 8th graders who will be transitioning into high school this coming school year. Those members are: Olivia Below (pictured), Imani Black (not pictured), Taylor Brooks (pictured), TheAsia Wysinger (pictured), Tylasia Caldwell (pictured), Bailey Doss (not pictured), Callie Encalade (pictured), Madison Hayes (pictured), Saudia Johnson (not pictured) Shawnice Rice-Jones (not pictured), Kristy Law (not pictured), Eleesia McGuire (pictured), Kyla Middleton (pictured), Shona Marie Moses (pictured), Tatianna Moses (not pictured), Christionna Norwood (pictured), and Yonica Payton (pictured). Honorable Member- Cirsty Evans (pictured).

7th grade members are:
Jamiyah Armstrong, Janiyah Armstrong, Dextany Ardison, Annette Below, Me’Iani Black, Kendall Braxton, Maniyah Brown, Shaniya Colbert, Aryahna Coutee, Kaitlyn Dorsey, Shaniyah Hobley, Samaria House, Amiria Kirts, Alecia LaCour, Raighan Rushing, Rekia Smith, Abryanna Sykes, Alexis Washington, Jaziah Williams, and Mariah Worthy.

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  1. Thank you, Miss Below and Miss Morris for your dedication to teaching these exceptional girls to become exceptional women. You should all be proud!

  2. This is good but isn’t this something like the boys club there? What happened to the guys???

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