Foster Mom: #WorldFosterDay

By Lynda Hammett


Sunday, May 31 is World Foster Day!

World Foster Day is a great way to spread awareness about foster care. I have loved writing these articles and sharing my story to help spread awareness.

Here are just a few feelings about foster care……

BLESSED – I am beyond blessed to be these sweet babies’ momma even though it is only for a short amount of time. Everyone tells me how much of a difference I made in their little lives but I’m truly the one who has changed. They have taught me the joy of smiles in the morning, rocking to sleep, and love that lights up their entire face when I walk through the door.

SAD – Yes I am sad because we have to even have foster care. Children do not asked to be born but they surely don’t deserve for parents not to step up. I’m sad that drugs have caused so many children to be put in foster care. I’m sad to see families torn a part. I’m sad when adults don’t make the correct choice for the kids. I’m sad how broken the system is.

JOYFUL – When I was the youth director at church I taught a lesson about the difference between happiness and joyfulness. Happiness is fading and changes based on what you want at the time. Joyfulness is lasting and comes from God. Foster care has reinforced this idea so much. There are happy times don’t get me wrong but happiness fades but I have always felt joy. I feel joy every time I look into their eyes, see pictures, or think about the different things we did or they accomplished.

Foster care is not for everyone. God called me to do this and I can only do it because He called me. But EVERYONE can help foster children.

Today is World Foster Day so do something for a foster family you know this week. I can tell you getting a simple note of “praying for you” always seemed to come when I needed those words and made a huge difference. Order a meal and drop it off at a foster family’s home. Make a donation to CASA or Unite Ministries – both are great organizations that help foster children. Or simply take a picture like mine and post it with #WorldFosterDay in the status.

I would not be the woman I am without being a foster mother and I can not thank my family, friends, my dance studio families, my church family, and even complete strangers enough for the love and support they have given to me and my babies.

Do something today or this week to bless a foster family or bring awareness to foster care!