Lott Oil Donates 22,000 Gallons of Gasoline and $7,500 in Chevron Fuel Gift Cards to Regional Healthcare Heroes

Launching Cares A Lott initiative, Lott Oil partners with 13 regional hospitals and testing sites to provide gasoline and Chevron fuel gift cards to healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic.

Since its founding in 1965, Lott Oil Company, Inc., has been dedicated to giving back to the Louisiana community, home to its corporate headquarters in Natchitoches, LA. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was inspired by the “Feeding Our Heroes” initiative, driven by community volunteers in Natchitoches, to support medical personnel who are helping family members, friends, co-workers and customers on a daily basis. This inspiration helped launch the Cares A Lott initiative which led to Lott Oil partnering with hospitals and testing centers in various communities across Louisiana.

The current Cares A Lott mission centers around providing essential goods to local healthcare heroes who are ensuring local communities are cared for during these tough times. By providing goods like gasoline and fuel gift cards, co-sponsored by Chevron, Lott Oil hopes to provide a stress reliever to the doctors, nurses and hospital workers who are caring for COVID-19 patients. “Lott Oil relies on and appreciates the support we get from our local communities, and anytime we get the opportunity to return the favor, we try to do just that. We thank our healthcare heroes for keeping us safe during these trying times and are grateful to Chevron for helping us with our most recent Cares A Lott initiative,” said Lott Oil owner, Buddy Lott.

The first events under the Cares A Lott initiative launched in April at 13 hospitals and testing centers in various cities throughout Louisiana, including Alexandria, Natchitoches, Shreveport and Coushatta and thus far have resulted in over 22,000 gallons of gasoline and $7,500 of Chevron fuel gift cards donated to healthcare heroes.

“We have experienced many wonderful expressions of support from community organizations during this pandemic, and Lott Oil‘s offer of a free tank of gas for employees was among the most popular,” said Jaf Fielder, Chief Operating Officer of Willis-Knighton Shreveport-Bossier. “The Cares A Lott initiative recognized the work of the entire Willis-Knighton family of employees who are dedicated to providing quality healthcare for our community, and coming during National Hospital Week made it even more special. We appreciate Lott Oil and everyone who came out to make this special for our employees.”

Cares A Lott will continue throughout June in other areas of Louisiana, including Many and Mansfield.

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  1. Thanks to Lott Oil for their kind donation of gas & gas gift cards to medical heroes. What an appropriate gift during this Pandemic!

  2. Very generous gift! The social efforts to thank medical personnel for hazardous duty above and beyond is admirable, but concrete gifts like this actually provide some measure of relief to those on the medical frontlines. Well done Lott Oil.👍💪😷

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